WoW Classic Rogue Leveling Guide 1-60

WoW Classic Rogue Leveling Guide, here you can track down the Best Talent Build to utilize while leveling the Rogue Class in Patch 1.12. We will clarify what areas we prescribe you use for leveling to make the cycle simpler for you. We likewise incorporate a picture of the Talent Build you should utilize and outstanding Weaknesses and Strengths with this class.

From high single objective harm in PvE to crazy daze securing potential PvP, the Best Mesa Prime Builds is an incredible class for the patient player who loves most extreme DPS. This is one of the harder classes to level in Classic WoW, so stay tuned for every one of the tips and deceives to make it an effortless – and surprisingly fun – experience.

This page contains data on WoW Classic Rogue Leveling Guide for the Rogue class, from level 1 to level 60. This remembers data for tips for leveling solo (and with a gathering), the best gifts to have some expertise, where abilities and spells to buy – and substantially more.

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Best Rogue Races in WoW Classic

WoW Classic Rogue Leveling Guide

Practically everything races can turn into a rebel in World of Warcraft classes, the solitary exemption being the Tauren.

People are viewed as an extraordinary pick for WoW Classic Rogue Leveling Guide, particularly in PvE circumstances because of having better hit chance when utilizing blades, while Perception can give them the edge in PvP against different rebels. Dwarves are by and large seen as the more fragile pick as Intellect does close to nothing and the solitary aid they get is Escape Artist (and a Rogue can get Improved Sprint all things considered).

For Horde, Both Orcs and Undead are viewed as great picks for a Rogue. Orcs can join their Blood Fury quality to support their harm yield for finishers, and Hardiness allows them to suffer shocks from different WoW Classic Rogue Leveling Guide and Warriors better. In the mean time, Undead’s Will of the Forsaken permits them to overcome Priests and Warlocks with little to fear.

Intro to Leveling as a Rogue in WoW Classic

Regardless of whether you’re new to the game, have just played during the developments since Cataclysm, or are getting back to WoW Classic after quite a while away, there are numerous things you should know prior to getting into the ideal ways for leveling from 1 to 60.

The main thing to recollect is that numerous personal satisfaction changes and smoothed out leveling frameworks are not set up in WoW Classic – missions aren’t constantly tossed in your face, and battling against crowds may not be as simple and fast, particularly for a Rogue.


As you start your excursion as a WoW Classic Rogue Leveling Guide in the wide universe of Azeroth, you will see Stealth, however will have no capacities to utilize while you are in Stealth. So disregard it until further notice as it will simply give you decreased development speed. Now in your excursion just Sinister Strike up to multiple times, and utilize Eviscerate for gigantic harm.

When arriving at Level 4, things begin to get more recognizable for this class, as you open Backstab and Pickpocket. Remember that you should be behind your objective and have a blade in your primary hand to deceive. Try not to stress over Stealth and simply utilize Sinister Strike until 5 combo focuses, and afterward Eviscerate.

After arriving at Level 6, you will gain proficiency with your first group control capacity: Gouge. It weakens an objective for four seconds, yet any harm will awaken the objective. At Level 8 you will learn Evasion, which is a decent 15 second half opportunity to evade. This incredibly helps the Rogue in predicaments.


For Levels 11 through 14, your ability focuses should go into completing Improved Sinister Strike and Improved Gouge. At WoW Classic Rogue Leveling Guide open Kick, which will permit you to interfere with an adversary’s cast. Keep in mind, as a Rogue you are not a tanky class and utilizing your capacities to change the tides of a battle to your kindness is your most ideal approach to triumph.

When arriving at Level 14, you will open Garrote. At the point when utilized from covertness and behind your adversary, Garrote will make them seep for 18 seconds. For Levels 15 through 20, your ability focuses should go into Precision, which builds your opportunity to hit. Put your last point into Deflection so you can begin working your way down to Riposte.

You will open Ambush at Level 18. The most notorious of the Rogue capacities, Ambush permits you to sneak assault an adversary from behind for gigantic harm in covertness. Lamentably, Ambush requires a knife. Now and again a knife will not be the best weapon for you by and large, and it’s not great to clutch a lesser weapon just to utilize Ambush.


For Levels 21 through 24, get done with placing focuses into Deflection, and put one into Riposte. Riposte is a skilled capacity that gets dynamic after you repel an assault. You will counter-assault the foe for 150% weapon harm, incapacitating them for six seconds.

At Level 22, you acquire two extra rebel tasty spells, Vanish and Distract. Disappear permits you to immediately go into secrecy, even while in battle, and is utilized to reset a battle. This can either save yourself in a dilemma, or gain extra covertness capacities while in battle. Remember that Vanish has a powerful cooldown, and can not be utilized in each battle. Divert permits you to make a foe look toward whatever path you cast the capacity, permitting you. To sneak past or open their back to you for moves like manipulate and trap.

At Level 24, you open Detect Traps, a detached ability which expands the reach. At while you identify traps, this incorporates tracker traps. For levels 25 to 30, you should place your focuses into improved run and perseverance for expanded personal satisfaction. For your utility spells, particularly in the event that you are on a pvp worker. Unfair attack is opened at Level 26, a secrecy based capacity that creates two combo focuses. Shocks an objective for 4 seconds.


For Levels 31 through 35, get Blade Flurry. At that point put your leftover focuses into Dual Wield Specialization. Cutting edge Flurry is an incredible harm cooldown and little wellspring of AoE. The WoW Classic Rogue Leveling Guide, conceding 20% sped up and making your assaults strike an extra close by foe. Remember that Blade Flurry has a 2-minute cooldown, so it won’t be accessible for each battle while leveling.

At Level 34 we get Blind, a capacity that blinds an objective, making it be perplexed for as long as 10 seconds. Note that any harm caused will eliminate the Blind.

For Levels 36 through 40 snatch Weapon Expertise, Aggression, and afterward at last Adrenaline Rush. Adrenaline Rush is your enormous DPS cooldown on Rogue, giving you 100% energy recovery for 15 seconds. This permits you to twofold your typical pace of capacity spam, however has a 5-minute cooldown.


For Levels 41 through 45, you will begin placing focuses into the Assassination tree. Put five focuses into Malice. At Levels 46 through 50, you will place focuses into Improved Eviscerate and Murder.


For Levels 51 to 60, you will begin by placing your focuses into Lethality, and one point into Relentless Strikes. Wrap up with Ruthlessness.

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