How To Beat Tybalt —The Witcher 3 High Stakes Guide

Some of the time is anything but a beast or officer that represents the best danger to you in The Witcher 3 High Stakes, yet a basic deck of cards. Gwent is ostensibly as profound and agreeable an encounter as the remainder of the base game, in any event, acquiring itself an independent side project, and Geralt is as large a fan as any. Regardless of just going toward NPCs, the High Stakes side mission isn’t for the ill-equipped. These Gwent bosses will scrutinize your deck and methodology, particularly the last rival Tybalt. In the event that you need a few pointers on the most proficient method to win this high Witcher 3 High Stakes competition, look at our guide.

The Witcher 3 High Stakes Guide

Witcher 3 High Stakes

You kick off this mission in Novigrad by perusing a post on the notification board by St. Gregory’s Bridge. Follow the waypoint to Passiflora and you can enter the competition, however before you do ensure you have your deck developed and prepared. Witcher 3 Best Builds you enter the competition, you won’t have the option to leave to gather more cards, so make a save here on the off chance that you figure you may have to go out and gather some more grounded cards.

Subsequent to paying the passage expense, you can circumvent addressing the players on the off chance that you wish, or simply get directly down to playing in the wake of conversing with Sasha. While you actually don’t have to dominate a solitary game to finish the mission, winning every one of your matches, including Tybalt toward the end, will compensate you with interesting cards you can’t go anyplace else in the game. On the off chance that you plan on winning the entire thing, save before each match in the event of Warframe Grendel Build some unforeseen issue.

The primary match is against Bernard Tulle. In case you’re more alright with another deck, and have developed it with solid cards, by all methods utilize that one all things being equal. This initially round isn’t excessively hard, insofar as you’re comfortable with Gwent. He has a Triss and Ciri saint cards, and some respectable back line units, however nothing else excessively hazardous.

High Stakes Walkthrough

Likewise with the other Gwent side-journeys ‘Witcher 3 High Stakes’ expects you to go up against and best a progression of four progressively troublesome rivals. To start this side-journey you’ll have to make a beeline for the Passiflora whorehouse in focal Novigrad and address the Scribe on the ground floor.

Note: it’s a smart thought to save before you endeavor this side-mission (and between adjusts) as though you lose a solitary match the journey will fall flat and you’ll be not able to procure the uncommon Gwent cards held by the leftover players.

Following the discussion with Sasha which triggers after giving over the extra charge, we’ll have a touch of extra time. Advance around the room and address every one of the other competition contestants – Patrick Hazelnutt, Bernard Tulle and Finneas.

Note: You’ll converse with Sasha a couple of times during the competition. In the event that you are pleasant to her entirely through and assist her out you with canning the ‘full’ side-journey which will net you Crowns and the choice for Geralt to have somewhat of a provocative time later with her.

Opponent 1: Bernard Tulle

Bernard Tulle plays with a Northern Realms deck and he has countless Spy cards in his deck that he’ll roll out almost immediately to get an enormous hand. All things considered, you’ll see a few Medic cards utilized during your games with him, so be prepared for any Spy cards you put on his side of the load up or a high strength card or two to make a rebound at that point.

He additionally has a few saint cards including the majority of the Northern Realms legends and the 15 Strength ‘Geralt of Rivia’ and ‘Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon’ cards. He’ll likewise ordinarily use Scorch in any event once in the match and furthermore has the ‘Villentretenmerth’ card – so watch out for your first line strength esteems (and hold the all out under 10) until he plays it. He’ll play generally Siege level units and can set up Catapults with tight Bond. He’s Witcher 3 High Stakes a major devotee of Biting Frost.

Crushing Bernard Tulle will procure you one of the Northern Realm deck pioneer card variations ‘Foltest: The Steel-Forged’.

In the wake of dominating the game, Wishes for the Last Wish Raid will move toward you indeed. Consent to meet her higher up for another discussion prior to following her to the second floor overhang for a talk. After you have listened to her, return back to the basic region for a scene where you’ll discover who to play in the second round.

Opponent 2: Madam Sasha

Witcher 3 High Stakes

Sasha plays with a Witcher 3 High Stakes Empire deck and his deck has an attention on units comprising fundamentally of Medic, high strength unit and saint cards (counting the 15 Strength ‘Geralt of Rivia’ card). She’ll utilize her Medic or Decoy cards to squeeze and reuse any Spy cards that you play. The most troublesome part of Sasha’s procedure is that in the event that she gets a decent draw she has a LOT of Medic cards (counting the ‘Yennefer of Vendenberg’ card) and will continually utilize them to restore either disposed of Medic cards, Tight Bond cards or high worth strength cards to repopulate her side of the board – so be prepared for that! She’ll generally stack up her first column and utilize Commander’s Horn and ‘Dandelion’ to help harm.

Contrasted with the first round, with a Northern Realms deck, the second round was a lot simpler. Use a lot of Spy cards (she can’t doctor/Decoy them all) and utilizing some Tight Bond Units (Blue Stripes Commando + Catapults), Decoys and Medic cards, you ought to experience no difficulty overpowering her. As usual, it’s additionally an insightful move to change your chief variation to Foltest with the capacity to project get climate to assist on the off chance that you get stuck a dilemma in the later adjusts.

Overcoming Madam Sasha will procure you one of the Nilfgaardian Empire deck pioneer card variations ‘Emhyr: The Relentless’.

Now you’ll quickly be pushed into the following round of the competition and won’t be allowed the chance to save. Your third adversary is Finneas.

Opponent 3: Finneas

Finneas works with a Scoia’tael deck and his Witcher 3 High Stakesis essentially on overpowering you with a blend of saints, Muster cards and the surgeon capacity. He has the full arrangement of the ‘Havekar Smugglers’ which he’ll ordinarily pull out ahead of schedule to attempt to snatch the first roundand a couple of Medic cards to re-actuate disposed of cards. His deck is stacked with most of the Scoia’tael deck’s saint cards alongside the ‘Milva’ card (10 Strength + Morale). He’ll likewise utilize Scorch in any event once in the match and furthermore possesses a ‘Villentretenmerth’ card – so according to regular watch out for your first line strength esteems (and hold the complete under 10) until he plays it.

With a very much developed Northern Realms deck highlighting Heroes, some Tight Bond Units (Blue Stripes Commando + Catapults), Decoys and Spy/Medic cards, you ought to experience no difficulty outliving him. As usual, it’s likewise a savvy move to change your chief variation to Foltest with the capacity to project get climate to assist on the off chance that you get in a dilemma in the later adjusts.

Crushing Finneas will acquire you one of the Scoia’tael deck pioneer card variations ‘Francesca: Queen of Dol Blathanna’.

Adversary 4: Count Tybalt

Tybalt plays with a Monsters group deck and he Witcher 3 High Stakes around. A mix of high strength Heroes and the Decoy and Muster capacity. He the full arrangement of Crones and Arachas Muster cards and will utilize them trying to overpower. You when he detects a round can go in support of himself. His deck includes a large portion of the Monsters group Heroes. Some nonpartisan ones including the 15 Strength ‘Geralt of Rivia’ card.

He’ll utilize his huge number of Decoys to eliminate and re-play any. Spy cards that you put on his side of the table. His chief capacity is to re-draw a disposed of card and replay. So look out for a high worth or valuable abilitied card to make a rebound when he utilizes it. A decent part of his procedure is like Sasha’s – he’ll stack up the first column. Utilize Commander’s Horn and ‘Dandelion’ cards to support harm.

In the wake of crushing Count Tybalt a discussion will work out. Somebody has taken the prize cash. You can either decay to help so, all in all the mission will end. Then again – consent to assist track with bringing down the cheat. We should do the last mentioned! When the talk has taken care of business, follow. The gatekeeper up the steps and he’ll take you to the area of the wrongdoing.

Following another concise talk, you’ll need to leave the El Primo Guide for Clash of Clans and research another, more modest hunt zone outside and behind the structure. Enact Geralt’s Witcher Sense and you can review the accompanying:

The rope tied around the column by the wellspring.

Whenever we have analyzed the Rope, an aroma trail will show up while in Witcher Sense mode. Follow this along the street a short distance and up a little stairwell. It will lead you to a case on the ground. Look at this to refresh your goals.

We’ll presently have another focal point to examine. Look at your guide and you’ll see. There is another target marker at the northern finish of the Witcher 3 High Stakes Time to discover another path in.

Advance around to the rear of the structure to discover a strategically located pile of boxes. We can use to hop up to a wooden edge above. Once on the wooden stage, enter the structure through the open window.

Drop down inside and advance over to the gathering of NPCs. Remaining around at the most distant finish of the stockroom. After a concise discussion you’ll end up in a battle.

There are 6-7 level 24-26 foes in the distribution center who you’ll have to dispatch to proceed. Luckily, Sasha will collaborate with you now and she’s quite helpful with a sword. The two of which will end the side-mission however both will end it in marginally various manners. They include:

  • “Greeting acknowledged.” – You’ll acquire Geralt a provocative time notwithstanding a Crown reward.
  • “Got different plans tonight.” – The journey will end and you’ll acquire a Crown reward.
  • Whichever way you decide to finish the side-journey it will end now.
  • Note: For finishing the side-journey you’ll procure 4,500 Crowns.

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