Why you should Farm in Titan League at TH10 and TH11 [Full Guide]

Farming in Titan league is fun and Titan League at TH10 and TH11. It gives a large amount of loot bonus. Today I will give some reasons that why you should farm in Titan league.

Titan League at TH10 and TH11

High loot bonuses

Titan league gives you a huge amount of resources. Suppose you find an easy opponent having 200k gold and elixir you will earn 500k loot if you can destroy him 70%. 200K from his storages and 300K as a league bonus. By farming in Titan league you can earn millions of loot in few hours.

Upgrade walls faster

Many clashers go to Titan league to upgrade their walls. You will receive a lot of loot to upgrade your walls fast.

Dark Elixir

In Titan league, you can earn a good amount of dark elixir just by winning attacks. I have to admit that you have to spend some DEs to train strong army but the loot you will get along with bonus is reasonable. You can train LavaLoon as it consumes less Titan League at TH10 and TH11.

Makes you better attacker

While farming in Titan league you can learn a lot of attack strategies by trying different combinations. You can learn attacks from invaders. It will really improve you at wars and you will be able to three star your opponents easily.

Villages full of loot

In Titan league, you will find many bases which have more than 400k resources.

Those are the main reasons for farming in Titan League at TH10 and TH11. Hope you like this guide. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section. Clash On!

If your trophies drop under 4,901, you have until the end of the current League Day to get back to 4,901 Trophies or higher. At the start of each League Day, anyone who has signed up and is below 4,901 Trophies is demoted to Titan league. In this case, you will have to get back to 5,000 trophies and sign-up for Legend League again.

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