What are Clan War Leagues and How to win them

Clan War LeaguesAs you all know first Clan War Leagues season has started. Clans are prepared for epic war. All of the participating clans are ready to try their best for the glory of their clan. I will try to give some useful tricks about winning clan war leagues.


What is Clan War League?

Clan War League (CWL) is the latest feature gifted to Clash Of Clans players by Supercell. It is the most anticipated feature of Clash of Clans. It had been demanded for a long time. In CWL 8 different clans compete with each other.

How does Clan War League work?

In order to join Clan War League, you have to sign up your clan first. You need at least 15 members in order to sign up for Clan War League. Unlike normal clan wars, you will have only one attack. You will have to fight wars with 7 different clans. Clan leaders can award bonuses to players who did best attacks in the league.

How to win Clan War Leagues?

Choose non-rushed bases

Non-rushed bases are always key to win a clan war. A rushed base can cause a lot of damage to your war if it gets matched with a fully upgraded base.

Assign targets to your clanmates on the basis of their capabilities

If you are an experienced attacker guide your clan mates about their attack. Tell them the right side to attack. Tell them the procedure to attack. Guide them about what attack strategy the should use. Or if you think you aren’t good enough to guide them ask another good attacker of your clan to help them. In order to win you need to babysit your clan.

Avoid taking engineered bases in the league

Clash of Clans has taken strong measures to nerf engineered base so if you take an engineered base with you, you are most likely to mismatch. Take fully maxed bases with a good offense.

Fill up war castles with good defensive troops

Try filling up your war castles with good troops like dragons, baby dragons, wizards or lava hounds. Clan castle troops can slow down the enemy and can create a lot of difference during a clan war. Clan castle troops are must to win a war.

That’s it. Clash On!

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