How to Use Emotes in Borderlands 3 [GUIDE]

There aren’t many opportunities to see your person in Borderlands 3, yet one of them is the point at which you’re emoting. Emoting permits your person to play out a signal like a wave or approval, and it moves the camera to a third-individual view while they do.

Acts out live in a menu where you can choose the activity you might want to perform. In any case, when you start the game, it isn’t actually clear how you should open this menu and begin waving and glimmering approval.

Assuming you’re considering how to act out in Borderlands 3 you’re in good company. What ought to be a straightforward cycle is to some degree stowed away on the grounds that Gearbox has stowed away the act out wheel behind a strange button brief decision. Thus, while you’re ready to communicate your thoughts from the second you start, it’s not promptly clear.

Before we get into the mechanics of how to act out, notwithstanding, it’s likewise worth focusing on that you can modify your act out wheel from the Quick Change stations specked around every one of Borderlands 3’s open zones, and new ones can be found as plunder drops all through your experiences, emote with claptrap ps4, or purchased from Earl for Eridium on Sanctuary 3.

How to Use Emotes in Borderlands 3

To act out you press the Z key on PC. From here you can choose the act out you want. In the event that you’re playing on console, you really want to hold down the delay button on your cushion. Assuming you simply press that button as opposed to holding it down, you’ll get the, indeed, stop menu. Additionally, assuming you’re want to flaunt your new unbelievable firearm the hurty way, you can start duels with different players.

You can have four Borderlands 3 acts out prepared at one time, however. In the event that you want to clean them up a little, you can trade them in and out at a Quick-Change machine, very much like the one you fled in the instructional exercise with Claptrap. The one you’ll run over most is on your Sanctuary III base boat, inverse the lost plunder machine.

Method to Emotes in Borderlands 3 on PS4 and Xbox One

  • To pull up the act out wheel when playing Borderlands 3 on console, basically hold the Options button on PS4 or the Menu button on Xbox One, and it’ll show up on your screen.
  • Basically squeezing the button won’t work, as that will raise the principle menu, so stand by a couple of moments prior to delivering, and you’ll be allowed to pick the act out you need.
  • From that point, just select the ideal act out through the simple stick and press X (sorry, cross) on PS4 or An on the Xbox One, and the camera will move into third individual viewpoint as your Vault Hunter plays out the articulation.

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Instructions to Emotes in Borderlands 3 on PC

With PC, emoting is minimal less finnicky, however the game actually doesn’t explain front and center how you can do it, so – for explanation – you should simply press the “Z” button on your console, and the act out wheel will be raised. Once more, after that it’s simply an instance of picking the act out you need to utilize, and your Vault Hunter will take it from that point.

The act out wheel is additionally where you can decide to Duel different players in Borderlands 3, or ping something on the guide, Apex Legends style, so it’s a convenient apparatus to know about. Unfortunately, you can have four acts out prepared into the act out wheel at any one time, so ensure you pick astutely with regards to picking your top choices.


  • You begin with four acts out, however perhaps that is not to the point of putting yourself out there completely.
  • Assuming you feel like you want more choices, you can go down to Psycho Earl’s entryway in the holder of Sanctuary, and he’ll sell you some more acts out for a little piece of Eridium.


  • Whenever you’ve perused Crazy Earl’s choice and bought new acts out, you’ll have to prepare them before you can utilize them. To do this, you’ll should simply track down a Quick Change machine. When you’re there, you can choose the act out menu and change one of your four existing acts out for your new one.
  • Apparently, right now, you can prepare four acts out at an at once, there are just 10 complete in Borderlands 3.

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