Upgrade Priority For TH9 [Full Guide]

Preferably, you’ll need to be here without maxing either Clash of Clans TH7 or TH8. The previous you come into TH9, the better. The saint granulate takes such a long time that practically any maxer will definitely have maxed safeguards, inert manufacturers before even mostly finished with legends. Investigate worldwide and see most TH9s, you’ll see that they have maxed Upgrade Priority For TH9 safeguards yet not even lvl15 legends. That is an illustration of an awful player and a risk in battle, in spite of their maxed safeguards they’re frail and terrible models. These are the players you need to chuckle at, not the player with 15/15 legends with TH5 safeguards.

Upgrade Priority For TH9

This TH denotes the beginning of substantial DE pounding. The issue here is your pay isn’t excessively and it effectively copies at TH10. No point maxing TH9 either in light of the fact that TH10 plunder is obviously better.

It took me 30 days to arrive at TH9 and an additional 30 days to arrive at TH10, this is a sensible rule and speed for another player. Notwithstanding in the event that it is your scaled down record, don’t hesitate to surge quicker. While your TH8 is updating, set aside at any rate 62.5k DE and as much gold/solution as could be expected under the circumstances (6/6mil is acceptable)

First Priority Upgrades

  • Archer queen, Archer queen, Archer queen. She’s imperative to the point that I have to rehash myself threefold. Open her and keep her updating. On the off chance that you follow my TH9 diaries, you realize that AQ requires 25k DE/day up till lvl40. So pound hard for her, or simply utilize her to cultivate for herself at first. 40k is simply to purchase half of your AQ, you need lvl5 before you get the full arrangement, so get her up as quickly as possible. Look at my TH9 cultivating guide in case you’re experiencing issues. Upgrade constantly AQ, SHE SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST AND ULTIMATE PRIORITY UNTIL SHE IS MAXED.
  • Lab. You’ll need lvl6 barch updated quickly, they’re the main thing you have to cultivate with. Barch just takes 8 days to max, following 2 days of lab redesign. You will have the option to cultivate at full TH9 speed inside the initial 10 days of TH9, exploit that.
  • Assemble 50 new dividers, new lvl1 archer pinnacle, lvl1 mortar, lvl1 wizard tower, lvl1 air safeguard, lvl1 shrouded tesla, lvl1 gold and elixir storage, lvl1-2 gold and elixir gatherer, lvl1 bomb, lvl1 monster bomb and lvl1 looking for air mine.
  • Dump overabundance gold into dividers. In the event that you have at any rate 4 builders, leave 4mil gold to overhaul your clan castle.
  • Look down to the lower part of this page, there is a base plan there, duplicate that physically. Its called “the crows TH8.5 adaptation”
  • Spell factory. Move it up and, its extreme yet you’ll have to persevere. You shouldn’t have to utilize spells for cultivating in any case
  • Clan castle. Having 5 extra soldiers for offense and safeguard consistently help. The additional 5 spaces will permit you to have 1 electro mythical serpent in your cautious cc which is a standout amongst other clan castle troops for offense and guard. This one troop can really stop adversary assaults and permits you to safeguard plunder with lvl1/2 guards.
  • On the off chance that you have the fifth builder, assemble your new air sweeper at that point ranch 2.25mil elixir while hanging tight for the air sweeper. Remember to cultivate dim elixir consistently for Upgrade Priority For TH9. When air sweeper is done, overhaul your first armed force camp.

Second Priority Upgrades: 

  • Remember to keep archer queen redesigning however much as could be expected
  • Before lab finishes, attempt to cultivate up to around 6mil elixir. At that point, redesign thorns to lvl6 then archers to lvl6 in lab. I favor points first on the grounds that their hp increment is more huge. Attempted archers first for once and didn’t feel it was justified, despite all the trouble
  • Since you utilized all your elixir into lab, you’ll have to cultivate more elixir. Redesign your storages to spread your plunder around additional.
  • While redesigning storages, when you achieve 2.25mil elixir, begin overhauling your military camps paying little mind to storage levels.
  • Advanced consideration: if this is your subsequent record, having 200 soldiers isn’t so terrible. It very well might be more effective to overhaul DE bores here rather than armed force camps
  • When spell factory is done, spend another 2.25mil elixir on armed force camp.
  • This will be your clan castle builder coming free in the wake of doing both armed force camps. Overhaul your DE storage on the grounds that 80k truly isn’t sufficient for nice AQ levels.
  • After your military camps are done, overhaul armed force camps again in light of the fact that 220 space is a major improvement from 200.
  • In the event that your AQ isn’t updating, better prop her up. On the off chance that your DE is flooding even with AQ updating, overhaul your BK also.
  • Advanced consideration: if this isn’t your first time playing, you can think about going to TH10 now. Provided that this is true, set up your xbows and overhaul TH. At that point overhaul your Upgrade Priority For TH9 gold/elixir storages while hanging tight for the redesign.

In short:

  • 1 Builder: AQ1 > AQ2 > AQ3 > … > AQ65
  • 2 Builder: lab > storages > army camp > army camp
  • 3 Builder: New buildings/walls/storage/traps > spell factory > (if no builder 4, upgrade clan castle here) > army camp > army camp
  • 4 Builder: Clan castle > DE storage lvl5 > DE drill to max
  • If available, 5 builder: air sweeper > Army camp > army camp > army camp > army camp (then builder 2 and 3 should be working on DE drills instead)
  • Lab: barb 6 > arch 6 > wallbreakers 5 > balloons 6

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Third Priority Upgrades:

  • DE drill. Start one builder on the drill and let him upgrade until all drills are maxed. Drills have better value for money at lower levels, so upgrade them uniformly. When armed force camps are done, utilize a second builder here. They should be at lvl3 at the present time, so upgrade them individually to lvl4 then lvl5 then lvl6. This should take 18 days altogether on the off chance that you just utilize 1 builder or 9 days with 2 builders.
  • Gold and elixir storage. Utilize a couple of builders here to bring your new gold and elixir storage to max. Having 8mil/8mil is acceptable in light of the fact that you can store more plunder between upgrades.
  • Xbows. These are the foundation of your Upgrade Priority For TH9 defense and at level 1, they give a bigger number of dps and hp than all TH8 defense upgrades. I like to set them on ground since it allows you to stop ground assaults. On the off chance that you set them on air, you would probably be squashed by both air and ground. Try not to upgrade them past level 1 for the present.
  • Dark barracks. Similarly, after armed force camps are done, upgrade dark barracks. On the off chance that you need to open soldiers, get one to lvl6 first so you open lvl1 magma dogs. With lvl1 dogs, lvl6 balloons and legitimate cc help (maxed TH12 electro/dog), you can do well in CWL. The subsequent dark barracks is discretionary.
  • DE storage. Max it out to store 190k DE when you have the opportunity to cultivate abundance. This will permit you to store DE for twofold saint upgrades
  • Dark spell industrial facility. Simply stick one builder here and upgrade the two levels.
  • Barracks. Upgrade one barracks right to lvl11, disregarding the rest regardless of whether they are lvl2. When you open infant monsters, you can utilize a similar builder to upgrade
  • I emphatically prescribe you to leap to TH10 when you reach here, there is no reason for remaining in TH9 any longer, go directly to Upgrade Priority For TH9 paying little heed to AQ level. She will upgrade all day, every day in any case so having lvl30 or lvl1 doesn’t make a difference in light of the fact that updating AQ = lvl0 AQ
  • While moving up to TH10, you may deal with your subsequent dark barracks, remaining barracks (I prescribe updating the second barracks to max prior to chipping away at the third one) or gold/elixir authorities

4th Priority Upgrades:

  • Traps. Skeleton traps, goliath bombs and looking for air mines give great worth and they’re likely low leveled on the off chance that you hurried beforehand.
  • Collectors. Stick a few manufacturers into your hurried collectors with the goal that you can cultivate enough for more significant updates.


Notice how pretty much every overhaul costs remedy. While cultivating, dump all overabundance gold into dividers and carry them to lvl8 and abundance solution to overhaul those lvl8 to lvl9 elixirs. The above updates joined expense around 60-90mil remedy, so you can without much of a stretch completion all lvl8 dividers with the overabundance gold. This is the reason I state its stupid to remain in TH8 dealing with dividers while you should be in TH9 chipping away at offenses. Outcome of TH8 granulating skulls? Maxed dividers, 200 armed force space, 10/0 saints. Outcome of surged TH9? Maxed dividers, 220 armed force space, 15/15 saints.

You need 11mil gold to carry your new dividers to lvl8. From that point onward, you will require 375mil of one or the other gold and mixture to max your dividers. Try not to stress in the event that you can’t max it before TH10. Simply overhaul your dividers however much as could be expected.


For lab, it should be: thorn > curve. Redesign wallbreakers to lvl5. At that point update inflatables till lvl6. You can overhaul monsters/trolls after that however a bit much truly. Barch lvl7-8 effectively bests the two of them.


barb 6 > arch 6 > wb 6 > loon 6 > open-ended

War troops:

lava hound, hog riders, healers


TH9 farming guide

Suggested stay time: Upgrade Priority For TH9 days preferably. This is the time it takes to get your AQ to lvl10-15 while completing all first to third need redesigns. In the event that your manufacturers have finished all first to third need overhauls (paying little heed to AQ level), you should simply move up to TH10 in light of the fact that there is substantially more DE.

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