How to Unlock Prisoner Stage 3 in Fortnite

On the off chance that you’ve opened the Fortnite Prisoner skin as a component of the Fortnite Snowfall Challenges for Season 8, at that point you might be thinking about how to get to the distinctive style phases of the outfit. You’ll get the Fortnite Prisoner outfit and comparing Padlock back bling, however not at all like different skins there’s no XP focus to go after extra styles and no sign in-round of what you need to do to get them. All things being equal, you need to finish mystery difficulties to acquire these styles, and with the Fortnite Prisoner Stage 4 currently uncovered we’ve totally interpreted how to open the entirety of the Fortnite Prisoner skin stages.

Week 10 of Fortnite’s most recent season is here, and this time around that implies that there’s another phase of beautifiers to open for the detainee skin. This one is stage 3 of the skins opens, and the area of the shrouded challenge was first uncovered in a stacking screen.

The Prisoner was chilly, frozen in the ice for how long, he was unable to recall. At the point when the square defrosted he broke his chains and advanced up the steps of the wizard’s pinnacle where he found a key within an old wooden work area with scrollwork carved on the front. His eyes were covered thus he searched with his weathered, unpleasant hands.

How The Prisoner stages work in Fortnite

Prisoner Stage 3 in Fortnite

To start with, you need to have opened The Prisoner skin in Fortnite. The Prisoner is the prize skin for finishing 60 Weekly Challenges all through Season 7. You can see your improvement as a component of the Snowfall mystery Battle Star areas screen.

You’ll see the accompanying prize screen whenever you are finished:

In spite of the fact that the game doesn’t promote these, there are then three extra Prisoner styles to open. These are found by communicating with explicit articles on the guide. They are being delivered in waves – Prisoner stages – across numerous weeks, with three additional styles accessible altogether.

You just have until the finish of Season 7 to open them, so ensure you get round to them before the Season 8 delivery date moves around.

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Fortnite Prisoner Stage 3

To get the Fortnite Prisoner Stage 3, you need to allude to the Week 10 Snowfall Challenge stacking screen. Indicating The Prisoner relaxing close to one of the recently added Fortnite open air fires. This is on top of the enormous mountain straightforwardly north of Paradise Palms. So head over yonder with the Prisoner Stage 2 style prepared.

You ought to have the option to detect the open air fire when you land. So run over and enact it at that point stay to finish the following phase of this interaction. When the open air fire has burned to the ground, you’ll notice your arms are currently gleaming red. Implying that the Fortnite Prisoner Stage 3 style is presently opened for you.


On the week 10 stacking screen – which you can open by finishing all the last week. After week difficulties for season 7. We can see our grizzled saint with his back to us before an open air fire. This fire pit isn’t the benevolent we’ve seen previously: where Cozy Campfires are pick ups. That wellbeing you and your group when utilized. This Foraged Campfire stays in a similar area, and can be lit to mend yourself.

Anyway, what’s the significance here for the Prisoner? All things considered, on the off chance .That you re-institute the week 10 stacking screen by lighting a fire with the outfit prepared. This will make flares glint up his arms, which is the way to open Prisoner stage 3 in Fortnite. Notwithstanding, you should be the one the light the fire. In the event that another person has just done it. You’ll need to pull out and get their first some other time for it to work.

Scavenged Campfires can be discovered everywhere, except, we’ll show you the Fortnite pit fire area from the stacking screen – it ignores the desert biome race track. At the point when you arrive, light the fire, and your skin ought to respond to show that it has been overhauled. The following is a guide and screen capture demonstrating you where that is.

Location Of Prisoner Stage 3

Prisoner Stage 3 in Fortnite

In the desert district of the guide, Prisoner Stage 3 is found. To put it plainly, head to the slope only north of the Paradise Palms. After you reach there, you will see a little open air fire, which will be at the highest point of the mountain. Yet, before this, all of you should finish 60 of your week by week challenges. We will assist you with trip opening stage 3 of the detainee.

To open The Prisoner’s subsequent style – recall, the primary stage is the default look – at that point initially prepare The Prisoner skin and visit Polar Peak.

In particular, you need to arrive at the upper-most floor. It’s least demanding on the off chance that you land on the rooftop and head down the means, until you arrive at a zone with tables to the sides and a chimney on the back divider.

On the off chance that you are coming up from the beginning, continue to climb the steps until you discover it. Examine the far work area, where you’ll locate a key. On the off chance that you have The Prisoner skin prepared, you can interface with it. Do as such, and The Prisoner Stage 2 skin will open consequently. This will be affirmed when you arrive at the finish of the match.

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