How to Uninstall Final Fantasy 14

Do you have inconvenience in totally uninstalling Final Fantasy XIV 14 Guide Review 1.0 from your framework? Might it be said that you are searching for a powerful answer for completely dispose of it off the PC? Relax! You came to the ideal locations, and you will actually want to uninstall Final Fantasy XIV 14 Guide Review 1.0 with practically no trouble.

Is it safe to say that you were simply searching for a response to how to uninstall ffxiv or Final Fantasy 14? Well assuming you were, you just tracked down the right aide for you.

In this aide, we set up 4 unique methods of uninstalling ffxiv. Any of these can be carried out, doesn’t make any difference assuming you are attempting to uninstall ffxiv straightforwardly from Windows or from Steam.

Underneath you will observe an interactive chapter by chapter list, how to uninstall final fantasy 14 mac, that is hanging around for you to make direction in our aide simpler.

How to Uninstall Final Fantasy 14

  1. Right-click on the Windows symbol, or Start menu symbol, then, at that point, pick “Applications and Features.”
  2. Locate “Last FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn” on the rundown, then, at that point, click it.
  3. Choose “Uninstall”.
  4. Click the Start Menu, and afterward select Control Panel . On the other hand, you can highlight Settings and snap on Control Panel .
  5. Select Add or Remove Programs to show the Add/Remove Programs window
  6. In the rundown of Currently Installed Programs , find “Last Fantasy XIV” (or “Last Fantasy XIV Online”), click it once with the goal that it is featured, and afterward click Change/Remove to begin the uninstall interaction.. To continue with the uninstallation of this program, click Next or Remove .
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the uninstallation of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online.

Uninstall ffxiv or Final Fantasy 14 – Method two

This is the first of the three Windows 10 uninstallation techniques. In this strategy two, we will use the Apps and Features settings choice of Windows 10.

Stage 1 – type REMOVE the inquiry bar and open ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS

  • To kick us off with this first Windows 10 strategy we should first (for good measure) explain, that the Windows 10 pursuit bar is situated on the base left corner of your screen.
  • Since we have that far removed, feel free to type REMOVE into the hunt bar. You will presently see Windows pull up a few ideas. We are searching for ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS, so feel free to tap on it.

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Stage 2 – type FINAL into the hunt bar

You will presently see Apps and Features settings window open, where you can see a rundown of projects that you have introduced on your PC. To make our pursuit simpler we will use the gave search bar, so type FINAL in there.

Stage 3 – click on Final Fantasy XIV and start uninstallation

Extraordinary, you have now effectively sifted down the rundown to simply FINAL FANTASY XIV, so to continue, you should do the accompanying:

  • First snap on the program name and you will see UNINSTALL button show up
  • Presently click on the UNINSTALL button and you will see second UNINSTALL button spring up
  • At last, click on the second UNINSTALL button, to start the uninstallation interaction

Uninstall Final Fantasy 14 – Method three

In this second Windows 10 technique, we are demonstrating how to uninstall ffxiv using the Programs and elements settings choice of Windows 10.

Stage 1 – type FINAL into the hunt bar, then, at that point, click on FINAL FANTASY XIV from results

  1. Additionally in this Windows 10 strategy, we will begin by composing into the pursuit bar, so feel free to type FINAL in there. Once more, you will see some query items, however the outcome we are searching for is FINAL FANTASY XIV with the stamping APP underneath it.
  2. Look at the beneath screen capture, which better represents what I mean.

Stage 2 – right snap FINAL FANTASY IXV, then, at that point, select UNINSTALL

Since you found FINAL FANTASY IXV (set apart as APP) among your list items, you need to tap on it with your right mouse button. From the setting menu that sprung up select and tap on UNINSTALL.

Stage 3 – search for and double tap on FINAL FANTASY XIV

  • You will presently be taken to the Programs and Features settings windows of Windows 10, where you will see a rundown of all projects you introduced on your PC. In here, you will currently need to search for FINAL FANTASY XIV. When you observed it, double tap on it with your left mouse button to begin the uninstallation cycle.
  • Note: on the screen capture beneath you will see FFXIV in the rundown two times, that is on the grounds that I have it introduced in Windows and in Steam. You will in all probability have it there only a single time.

Stage 4 – affirm uninstallation by clicking YES

We are nearly done here, the main thing left to do is to affirm uninstallation by clicking YES to respond to the beneath question.

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