Town Hall 9 (TH9) Troop Upgrade Order For Farming [Full Guide]

Hello Clashers, Chief AHK is back with the new guide. Today I will guide you which troops you should upgrade first on Troop Upgrade Order For Farming. This guide will focus on farming troops. I will write war upgrade priority soon.

Troop Upgrade Order For Farming


If you want to farm on TH9, you should upgrade Archers first because you can use them in different Farming strategies such as GiBarch and Barch. At TH9 you will be able to upgrade your Archers to level 6. Level 6 Archers are good.


Barbarians are the second most important farming troop. You can use Barbarians in GiBarch And Barch Attacks. You can protect your Archers by deploying a layer of Barbarians against them.


Giants are also very important farming troop. At TH9 you can upgrade your giants to level 6. Level 6 Giants are strong enough to wreck inactive bases. You can use Giants in GiBarch Attacks, or you can use them with goblins to take out loot quickly.

Heal Spell

Heal spells are my favorite spells to use with farming composition. Troop Upgrade Order For Farming will help you in Giant attacks. Throw a heal spell on you giants to recover their health during battle.


Level 6 Goblins are very good. They take out collectors real quick. Use them in milking strategy to get tons of loot. I will write a guide on Milking Strategy soon.


Powerful attacking troops. Useful in wrecking any base. Use them when you have alot of Dark Elixirs. You can use them as a substitute of Giants.


Upgrade your wizards to use them as a substitute for Archers or Barbs. Wizards are mighty, but they will increase your army cost.

This guide focuses on farming troops that’s why I didn’t include war troops. I will write a guide on war troop upgrade priority soon. So keep visiting and Clash On!

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