TH9 Upgrade Order 2018 [Full Guide]

This is our Town Hall 9 Upgrade Order dependent on the TH8.5 system. The thought is to deliberately upgrade your base to keep the war weight low (for war matchup purposes) while permitting you to zero in on your TH9 Upgrade Order. You will be coordinated up as a TH8, yet ready to rule repulsively with as a TH9! Envision if our whole group built up our bases this way!

Continuously keep your Builders and Laboratory occupied! *Note: When zeroing in on dividers you may need to leave several Builders symbol. Generally however, attempt to keep whatever number Builders updating as would be prudent!

TH9 Upgrade Order

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Archer Queen (Levels 1 & 2)

Before arriving at TH9, you need to spare enough Dark Elixir to quickly get your Archer Queen (40,000 DE) AND promptly upgrade her to Level 2 (22,500 DE/12 hours)! Your Archer Queen is presently the main part in the game. You need to get her starting off on an awesome foot in TH9 by getting her to Level 2! As you forge ahead, upgrade her as frequently as conceivable until you will Level 5 and she gets her Royal Cloak capacity (Level 1). When she’s Level 5, balance your DE between overhauling her to Level 10 (Level 2 capacity) and your Dark Troops. And afterward continue pushing on to Level 15 (Level 3 capacity)!

Build New Walls (to Level 8)

When arriving at TH9, feel free to place in your new Walls. Make it a concentration to upgrade them to Level 8 ASAP. As you go further into TH9, keep overhauling your Core Wall to Level 9. It’ll help sometime in the not too distant future when we start to zero in on your Core Wall getting Level 10.

Build new Bombs & Traps

Additionally once you arrive at TH9, put in your new Traps and get those maximized ASAP. The extra bombs and traps will make more issues for assaulting foes.

Clan Castle (Level 5)

Next, start your Clan Castle! Having an additional 5 soldiers for each assault and each safeguard will profit you massively! Its a significant structure so complete it rapidly! The expense is 5,000,000 G and takes 7 days.

Laboratory (Level 7)

Spare one of your builders (all ought to be accessible when your TH9 completes) for the Laboratory! Its imperative to complete your Lab so you can begin redesigning TH9 Upgrade Order levels. Offense (troops) are a higher priority than protection! Continuously keep your war troops overhauling in your Laboratory! The expense is 2,500,000 E and takes 5 days.

Spell Factory

Spare one of your builders (all ought to be accessible when your TH9 completes) for the Laboratory! Its essential to complete your Lab so you can begin updating Troops to TH9 levels. Offense (troops) are a higher priority than guard! Continuously keep your war troops redesigning in your Laboratory! The expense is 2,500,000 E and takes 5 days.

Army Camps (Level 7)

The more soldiers you can take in to fight the more grounded you become. Your Army Camps ought to turn into your Elixir center after you upgrade the Lab and ordinary Spell Factory (prepare so you can keep exploring Elixir troops). Get every one of the 4 up to Level 7 and you’ll have an aggregate of 220 soldiers! The expense is 2,250,000 E and takes 5 days.

Dark Spell Factory (Level 3)

When all your Army Camps are pushed to the limit you can upgrade your Dark Spell Factory to open the Haste Spell. Its great to have more alternatives with regards to spells so you unquestionably don’t have any desire to push this upgrade back in the event of some unforeseen issue. The expense is 3,500,000 E and takes 8 days.

Dark Elixir Drills (Levels 4-6)

You need A LOT of Dark Elixir experiencing TH9 Upgrade Order. When you’re ready to upgrade all the structures above, I would strongly suggest putting resources into maxing your DE Drills straightaway. Having two Level 3 Drills will permit you to round up 2,160 like clockwork. Conversely, having two Level 6 Drills will permit you to gather a stupendous complete of 4,800 every day! That is 33,600 versus 15,120 every week and 144,000 versus 64,800 per month. The more you stand by now, the more you’re harming yourself as I would like to think.

Dark Barracks (Level 5 & 6)

Since all your significant structures are largely prepared to shake and move its opportunity to step up and maximize both of your Dark Barracks. Moving up to Level 5 (2,750,000 E/8 days) will open the Witch and moving up to Level 6 (3,500,00 E/9 days) will open the Lava Hound. Max any ordinary solution Barracks that you may have left also.

Dark Elixir Storage (Levels 5 & 6)

At long last maximize your DE Storage and any leftover stockpiles you may have left. Level 5 DE Storage costs 3,000,000 E and takes 5 days. Level 6 costs 3,600,000 E and takes 6 days.

Now you ought to have all that maxed aside from protective structures, bombs, and traps. You ought to likewise have been taking a shot at your Walls (Level 9) and Troops in your Lab the whole time (Troop Guide beneath)!

Barbarian King

Now your Archer Queen ought to be pleasantly stepped up and your Barbarian King should as of now be at TH8 max (Level 10). I’d prescribe first taking your AQ to 15, at that point BK to 15. AQ to 20, at that point BK to 20. Et cetera… This is on the grounds that your AQ is more successful at a more elevated level than your BK is. So overhaul her first, at that point the King in Levels of 5 since every capacity is opened each 5 levels. Try not to disregard your Heroes they’re critical for both offense and guard!

New TH9 Defenses

Its chance to begin overhauling the defenses! Your offense (Troops and Spells) ought to get stacked and you should as of now have a decent bounce on Level 9 Walls. Supplement all the new defenses given at TH9 and get them to max TH8 level as quickly as time permits!

Skeleton Traps (Level 3)

How often have those Skeleton Traps came out and totally destroyed an assault? It happens constantly in any event from what I’ve seen throughout the long term! Upgrading your traps to Level 3 just costs 1,300,000 G and takes 1 day. The advantage is having a sum of 4 skeletons spawning from each trap making considerably more chaos for adversary troops to deal with!

Hidden Teslas (Level 7)

Maxed Hidden Teslas are significant executioners, particularly the PEKKA! Since GoWiPe is one of the most famous war assault systems, max your Hidden Teslas prior to pushing ahead with different defenses! The expense is 3,500,000 G and takes 12 days. *Tip for your low level Tesla: Since the new Tesla isn’t exceptionally viable at this level spot it in a precarious position where your adversary doesn’t anticipate that it should lose an assault.

Air Defenses (Level 7)

Update your Air Defenses to Level 7 after you get your Teslas maximized! This essentially disposes of all Air assault methodologies with great key arrangement of your ADs on your base. Complete them right off the bat with all due respect redesign rundown and breaking point your rivals alternatives! The expense is 4,320,000 G and takes 10 days each.

Wizard Towers (Level 7)

Next I would prescribe proceeding onward to your splash harm defenses; Wizard Towers and Mortars. The Wizard Tower is significantly more costly than the Mortar so on the off chance that you can bear to begin the Wiz Tower should make it go while you have the plunder. The expense is 5,360,000 G and will just take 7 days to finish.

X-Bows (Levels 1-3)

X-Bows are a colossal expansion at TH9 Upgrade Order yet they altogether increment your war matchup weight. Holding off until this point would profoundly profit you and the group in battle since you turned into a TH9. This is the ideal opportunity to place them in and max them at Level 3! Level 1 is 3,000,000 G and takes 7 days. Level 2 costs 5,000,000 G and takes 10 days. While Level 3 costs 7,000,000 G and takes 14 days.

Mortars (Level 7)

Cost to redesign your Mortars is just 3,200,000 G with 7 days to wrap up. Now you ought to have all that maxed aside from Walls, Archer Towers, Cannons, Air Sweepers and Bombs.

Core Walls (Level 10)

At this point you ought to have a decent piece of Level 9 Walls added to your base. I would strongly prescribe zeroing in on upgrading your center to Level 10 Walls. This will make it amazingly hard for foes to get inside the center of your base! When you complete your center, wrap up the leftover defenses underneath and keep on adding Level 9 Walls to the remainder of your base when you can. The expense of a Level 10 Wall is 3,000,000 G or E.

Archer Towers (Level 11) 

Since you have all your capacity defenses maxed and your center cemented with Level 10 Wall, its chance to complete out the remainder of your defenses! Do your Archer Towers before your Cannons just on the grounds that their reach is more prominent so they become more powerful! The expense is 4,500,000 G and 6 days.

Air Sweepers (Level 5)

Initially I had Air Sweepers up directly behind Air Defenses just to maximize the whole air assault safeguard framework. However, I think having four maxed Air Defenses will be adequate enough to stop any sort of air assault with legitimate arrangement so that is the reason I’ve organized the wide range of various defenses now. The decision is yours however. Cost to max your Air Sweepers is 4,800,000 G and takes 8 days.

Rest of Walls (Level 9 & 10)

You might be extremely restless to get to TH10 since you have your whole safeguard max level yet show restraint! Your Wall is your most significant guard so don’t disregard it! In addition, you should at present have a lot of Dark Troops and Hero levels to complete so while you’re doing that it’s an extraordinary opportunity to put ALL your Gold and Elixir into your Wall. Max it out and you will love it! Level 9 Wall costs 1,000,000 G or E. Level 10 Wall costs 3,000,000 G or E.

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have just referenced the Archer Queen and Barbarian King in the update direct above. Keep up a Dark Elixir balance so you are fit for upgrading your Dark Troops as indicated by this Guide and keep on keeping your Heroes improving. Max your Heroes at Level 30 preceding going TH10!

Hogs (Level 5)

The principal troop to zero in on is the thing that assault methodology would best serve you in our Clan Wars. Our TH8.5s (new TH9s) are our special cases in war. They are equipped for 3 featuring any TH8 base we need just as attacking the foes low to mid level TH9 Upgrade Order. The best assault gathering to zero in on first are your Hogs and Healing Spell. You’ll have the option to shred any TH8 and take out some TH9s. Cost for the Hogs is 50,000 DE and takes 14 days to finish.

Healing Spell (Level 6)

Next exploration your Healing Spell to max your Hog assault methodology. You’ll utilize your Healing Spell for a wide range of assault systems all through TH9 so take it out ahead of schedule to profit you the whole excursion through TH9. Cost is 4,800,000 E and takes just 7 days.

Golems (Level 3)

Golems are very helpful and the higher they are updated the more harm they take! Sadly at TH9 you need to update the Golems twice to maximize them so this is the first of the two redesigns. I energetically prescribe upgrading them consecutive. Level 3 expense is 70,000 DE and they’ll take 12 days.

Golems (Level 4)

The subsequent overhaul costs 80,000 DE and exploration time is 14 days. Golems are utilized in most TH9 Upgrade Order war assaults. Max them out and hamburger up your “meat shield” for the whole of your TH9 venture.

Healers (Level 4)

There are many of effective war and assault assaults that utilization Healers. You could bear to drop them a little lower on the rundown on the off chance that you have to. Yet, I would suggest maximizing them genuinely from the get-go in your troop list. Max them out and advantage for the remainder of TH9. Cost is 3,000,000 E and exploration time takes 7 days.

Giants (Level 6)

Monsters assume an incredible part in various war and attack methodologies. They are utilized as a “meat shield” so the more harm they can take the better you will be. Different Giants give a high DPS so they’ll thump down dividers and defenses rapidly. Cost to max is 6,000,000 E and takes 10 days.

Balloons (Level 6)

Another incredible low to mid TH9 assault procedure is LaLoonIon. You’ll have the option to take out any TH8 and TH9s with low ADs. Inflatables cost 6,000,000 E and exploration time compares to 10 days.

Lava Hounds (Level 2)

The Lava Hounds assume the function of a “meat shield” during LaLoonIon assaults. The more HP the Lava Hounds have the more successful your Balloons are so take it far removed and rule! Cost is 60,000 DE and takes 10 days to finish.

Haste Spell (Level 2)

The Haste Spell gives a speed increment (no harm increment) and occupies just 1 room meaning you can have 2 Haste Spells rather than just 1 standard spell. This is a decent spell for LaLoonIon since you can take more and accelerate those Balloons. Upgrading to Level 2 will build the spell length from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. Exploration cost is 40,000 DE and takes 8 days.

Witches (Level 2)

Now you have maxed your assault troops, Hog procedure, LaLoonIon technique (aside from Minions), and you have a maxed TH8 GoWiPe. You’re ready to tidy up any TH8 and take out most low level TH9s. Its chance to take it up a score and start the excursion that will permit you to overwhelm all TH9s! Witches are the beginning of that. A strong GoWiWi assault will positively get you in any event 2 stars without fail. Each time the Witch gathers Skeletons, a Level 2 Witch will put out 2 additional troops contrasted with the Level 1. This will include a lot all through an assault so that is the reason I’ve organized the Witch. Cost is 75,000 DE and they wrap up in 10 days.

Valkyries (Level 3)

I’m not enthusiastic about Valkyries for attacking. Practically all the Valk assaults I’ve found in wars didn’t turn out just as what a TH9 Upgrade Order would do. In this way, they’re low on my rundown. Yet, its still critical to completely max every one of your troops prior to proceeding onward. Level 3 update cost is 60,000 DE and they will take 12 days.

Valkyries (Level 4)

Level 4 cost is 70,000 DE and research time is 14 days.


You won’t have the option to follow this Guide impeccably in a specific order. You should cause a couple of changes as you to go yet as long you stick as intently as possible to the Guide your base will be overwhelming in battle in a matter of seconds!


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