TH10 Troop Upgrade Order For War (2018)

Hey Guys, Chief AHK is back with the latest guide for Troop Upgrade Order. Many clashers ask me to write this guide so I am going to write it today. Almost every clasher don’t know what troop to upgrade first at TH10. So I will guide you today.

Troop Upgrade Order

Troop Upgrade Order:

  1. Lava Hound to level 3.
  2. Minions to level 6.
  3. Freeze Spell to level 3 at least.
  4. Haste Spell to level 3 or higher.
  5. Golem to level 5.
  6. Valkyrie to level 5.
  7. Bowler to level 2.
  8. Jump Spell to level 3.
  9. Wizards to level 7.
  10. Miners
  11. Poison Spell (For Quickly Clearing CC troops).
  12. Witch
  13. Baby Dragons.
  14. Hogs.
  15. Lightning Spell.
  16. Wall Breakers.
  17. Dragon.
  18. Giant.

Remaining can be upgraded anytime after above-mentioned Troop Upgrade Order. This was a quick guide. Follow this upgrade order to get best results in war. Comeback after few days for more guides. Clash On!

Town Hall 10 Upgrade Priority In-Depth Guide

Firstly, Upgrade the Laboratory to level 8

It is critical that you have a developer prepared to overhaul the Lab promptly when you move up to TH10. This is on the grounds that you truly don’t have any desire to postpone your troop lab redesigns. It takes months to finish all your TH10 lab updates. Presently before you redesign the lab, you should begin a troop update. It takes 6 days for your Lab to finish its update. So in the event that you have a troop that actually should be redesigned, it’s a smart thought to begin that update in your lab and afterward overhaul the research facility.

In case you’re searching for a rundown of lab redesign needs, I will have another video for that as there are a great deal of variables required for that, which will rely upon the kind of player you are. For instance, If you’re somebody centered around wars, or in case you’re somebody who’s more centered around cultivating. It depends. So I will have another instructional exercise for that.


Spell Factory to level 5 and Dark Spell Factory to level 3

Like your Laboratory, you likewise don’t have any desire to postpone your Spell Factory overhaul. It will take 6 days to finish your Spell Factory move up to level 5. In those 6 days, you won’t have the option to utilize any Spells, which is an enormous interfered with. Overhauling the manufacturing plant won’t just get you Freeze Spell, yet will likewise get you an additional opening, and both are critical as a TH10.

Hellfire Towers to level 3 (Optional)

Hellfire Towers are the best guards in the game by miles. There is no other safeguard equivalently as amazing as Inferno Towers. Fiery blaze Towers can be set to multi-target or single. Troop Upgrade Order hellfires can broil 10 soldiers together on the double. While 1 Inferno set to Single and the other set to Multi is a dangerous combo for crushing elevated level soldiers. A great many people comprehend that Inferno Towers are savage, yet we overlook exactly how overwhelming it is. It has high HP, just other protection with more HP are Xbows. It just involves a 2×2 region, much the same as a Tesla, making it simple to fit in your center, and this as I would see it is a very underestimated part of this safeguard. Importantly, it nullifies the impacts of Heal. So there’s no chance a Town Hall 9 player will meddle with you since that TH9 can’t utilize Heal and has no admittance to the Freeze Spell.

Hellfire Towers Town Hall 10

Hellfire Towers are anyway a discretionary safeguard to manufacture on the off chance that you are a player centered around wars. As building Inferno Towers will expand your weight in wars altogether. So on the off chance that you wish to get combined facing simpler rivalry, then it might be a smart thought for you to not manufacture Inferno Towers.

Clan Castle to level 6

I know many individuals organize Army Camps over the Clan Castle, yet the additional room in your Clan Castle is critical. An Army Camp overhaul gets you 5 additional camp space. While a Clan Castle redesign additionally gets you 5 more space, yet there’s a major contrast. The Clan Castle can likewise be utilized for guard. The Clan Castle is simply generally speaking in a way that is better than 1 Army Camp.

Armed force Camps to level 8

Just after Clan Castle, we have the Army Camps. Updating every one of the 4 of them will get you 20 all the more lodging space units for troops. Which is a major and fundamental overhaul.

Dim Elixir Drills to level 6

At Town Hall 10, you’re given a third Dark Elixir Drill. Lv 6 Drills produce huge loads of Dark Elixir every day. 3 level 6 Drills will make you 7200 Dark Elixir altogether for every day. Which is identical to around 200,000 Dark Elixir in a month. So certainly get your drills to level 6 right away.

Saints: Archer Queen and Barbarian King

Update your legends as much as possible. They are the greatest offensive weapons in the game. On the off chance that conceivable, you should attempt to overhaul them both on the double. Be that as it may, most players are just ready to overhaul 1 legend at a time, so if you wish to redesign each in turn, I recommend organizing the Archer Queen each 5 levels first. For instance, get your Archer Queen promptly to level 30. In the event that both your saints are level 30, then get your Archer Queen to level 35 first, then get your King to level 35. Then Queen to 40, and finally King to 40.

Military enclosure and Dark Barracks and any excess non-cautious structure.

Ensure every one of your Barracks are pushed to the limit at the earliest opportunity

The third X-Bow to level 3

At Town Hall 10 you’re given a third Xbow, so make a point to get it and redesign it to Level 3 at the earliest opportunity.

New Cannon and Archer Tower to level 8

At TH10 you are given another Cannon and Archer Troop Upgrade Order. Try not to leave them at level 1, yet redesign them to level 8 as they will even now be capable increment the general strength of your base. Protections get the greatest expansion in DPS at lower levels.

Skeleton Traps to level 3

Skeleton Traps are an astounding protection as they can divert the Archer Queen or Barbarian King while your center safeguards rapidly take them out. They can likewise be set to air, as they are destructive on air as they benefit from Balloons like parasites, while the Balloons have no real way to fight back. These snares don’t take long to get to lv3, just takes a day’s worth of update and they have an exceptionally huge effect in strikes. So it’s very worth it to get them to lv3 right away.

Shrouded Teslas to level 8

The main motivation why I have Hidden Teslas this high is a result of numerous reasons. Concealed Teslas just involve a 2×2 region, which implies they absolute region they possess is 4 square tiles. While a safeguard, for example, an Archer Tower involves more than twofold, 9 square tile zone. For what reason is this significant? This is significant on the grounds that this considers Teslas to fit pretty much anyplace in your base. While your center can be improved a ton on protection just by adding Teslas to it, which is extremely simple to manage without spending so much space. Not just that, Hidden Teslas can be flighty, as they are covered up. They likewise fire quickly, and superb for taking out saints and positions, particularly Pekkas.

Wizard Towers to level 8

A lv8 wizard tower is incredible. It does 48 harm pers second and sprinkles harm. While a lv3 Multi Inferno does 42 harm for each second. So in the event that a Wizard Tower targets 5 Balloons, then it will really accomplish more harm than 1 multi fiery blaze. In wars, they are critical. By keeping your Wizard Towers from the scope of Air Defenses, you can adequately stop an amazing Lavaloon attack.

Air Defenses to level 8

Air Defenses get a major lift from level 7 to 8. They go up from 280 DPS to 320. Wizard Towers are positioned higher in light of the fact that Wizard Towers can have a greater effect against a Lavaloon attack as Air Defenses will be obstructed by Lava Hounds, while Wizard Towers can target both Ground and Air attackers. Air Defenses can be a risk against Ground attacks.

X-bows to level 4

X-quits a 5 DPS help from lv3 and you need to hang tight an overwhelming 14 days for the redesign. So X-bows are this low in the need list. Nonetheless, they actually increase a 400 HP increment, which will really be extremely helpful for your center to guard against the Archer Queen.

Clash of Clans X-Bow

Toxophilite Towers to level 13

I like to think of Archer Towers as a half breed of X-bows and Teslas. It’s a quick terminating safeguard like both a Tesla and Xbow. In contrast to a Tesla, Archer Towers consume 3×3 tile space like Xbows. While Archer Towers have a 10 tile range, which is near a Xbow on ground and air that has a 11 tile range, however dissimilar to Xbows, Archer Towers have extremely low HP like a Tesla. Bowman Towers are seldom positioned in a TH9’s center since it consumes an excess of room, while Teslas involve less and Xbows are in general better. Also, guards in your center ought to consistently take need over protections on the exterior of a base. Thus, Archer Towers are positioned low.

Mortars to level 8

Lv8 Mortars are not significant as Lv7 Mortars will stop most regular cultivating structures like Barch. Mortars are likewise an obligation against Air attacks, so they don’t help much in that regard. Multi Target Infernos are the primary fascination and make a superior showing with beating various soldiers, as a Mortar’s attack takes 5 seconds, yet can likewise be incorrect. So Mortars aren’t excessively high in need.

Air Sweepers to level 6

Air Sweepers can be valuable. They hinder Balloons and they do have a major effect on Balloons when at level 6. In any case, they are an obligation against Ground attacks, so they aren’t as important as the above safeguards.

Guns to level 13

Guns are not futile, but rather they are essentially the most noticeably terrible safeguards in game. They just have a 9 tile range. They shoot twice as delayed as an Archer Tower. The entirety of this make Cannons the most exceedingly terrible protection thus they are positioned the least. Notwithstanding, the incredible thing about Cannons is, they don’t take too long to even think about upgrading they actually make a nice showing against tanks. Yet, they ought to consistently be at the lower part of your need list.

Traps: Seeking Air Mines, Air Bombs, Giant Bombs, Small Bombs

Organize your air bombs and air mines first as Troop Upgrade Order Air Mines will seriously debilitate a lv3 Lava Hound and a lv4 Air Bomb can do about 32% sprinkle harm to a huge gathering of Balloons. Lv4 Giant Bomb just gets a 25 harm increment, which truly isn’t to make a big deal about a distinction as lv2 Giant Bombs as of now thump our level 1 soldiers, wizards, and witches in 1 shot. Also, little bombs are simply not that significant, as even a lv6 little bomb can’t execute a Wall Breaker in 1 shot.


The keep going thing on your rundown should be Walls. Presently this doesn’t imply that you should overhaul your dividers last. I rehash, it doesn’t imply that dividers should be overhauled last. Dividers require no an ideal opportunity to redesign, they just cost assets. This means every one of you overabundance Gold or Elixir ought to be utilized to update your dividers when you have a Builder liberated.

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