Small Rice Cake Destiny 2 Guide: What To Do With Rice Cakes? Where To Find?

A ton of players are beginning to discover little rice cakes in Destiny 2. This is promptly trailed by the inquiry, “How would I manage the little rice cake?” Players are accustomed to opening weapons and reinforcement, so managing food doesn’t actually fall into place. In the event that you’ve been playing since Forsaken and have a sharp eye, you may have just sorted it out – however for most of us, this is what they’re for.

Specked around the Moon in Destiny 2 are ten Jade Rabbit Statues. These slippery animals can be found in clueless concealing spots, however it’s really connecting with them that is the most befuddling part of their reality.

Turn up without a rice cake close by and you’ll essentially gaze at the Jade Rabbit’s face prior to strolling off flat broke. Notwithstanding, offer it a little rice cake and it’ll give you a fairly decent prize.

Practically every planet in Destiny 2 is pressed with insider facts to find. Other than Lost Sectors and shrouded High-Value Targets that dab each watch space, there are sure areas that have sets of collectible things for players to discover.

Little Rice Cakes in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep are a consumable that you can get for finishing different exercises. You need the Rice Cake consumable to interface with Jade Rabbits. Along these lines, individuals that have discovered the Rabbits are considering how to manage them, while others are requesting that how manage rice cakes destiny 2 one per week. What’s more, everybody is pondering where to discover rice cakes in Destiny 2. All that said, here’s our Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Rice Cakes Locations for Jade Rabbits manual for tell you the best way to get the Small Rice Cake consumable in Destiny 2, just as how to manage them.

Small Rice Cake Destiny 2 Guide

Small Rice Cake Destiny 2

Attempting to sort out how to manage your abrupt store of this Small Rice Cake Destiny 2 thing? Or on the other hand perhaps you’re considering how to get them by any means? We can help.

Thus, perhaps the Dawning and its covering cultivating merriments in Destiny 2 have grown somewhat lifeless, or possibly you simply need a break from the praising crowds. Why not go for an excursion about the Moon? There’s still a lot to do to there, including disposing of your reserve of one specific thing – the little rice cake in Destiny 2. Got one and not exactly sure what the arrangement is? Our guide ought to have you covered.

Shadowkeep’s Moon setting has its own privileged insights to reveal, one of which being Small Rice Cakes. These little treats are given to players by finishing exercises on the planet, however what precisely would they say they are utilized for? Much the same as the Dreaming City, this thing prompts a long collectible chase. Here is a finished manual for Small Rice Cakes and the Moon’s Daito Rabbit sculptures in Destiny 2.

Not certain how to manage every one of those rice cakes you’re finding on the moon in Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep development? We’re not astounded. We are astounded that rice cakes factor into a game about space wizards and an enormous fight among light and dull, however here we are.

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What to do with small rice cake

The little rice cake in Destiny 2 is a little treat you provide for the Jade Rabbit sculptures covered up around the Moon. There are a few of these sculptures to discover, much equivalent to the felines in the Dreaming City. Also, similar as the felines, the Jade Rabbits will give you a prize for your work.

Little Rice Cakes are consumable things that are needed to associate with Daito Rabbit sculptures dispersed all through Lua. There are nine altogether to gather. Not at all like the Dreaming City’s Small Gifts, Small Rice Cakes can be acquired more than once each week. Gathering each of the nine sculptures gives the Lunar Gloom Shader and finishes one of the ten Triumphs expected to get the Harbinger title. Remember that Daito Rabbits are character-bound and not record wide.

Feed them to a Jade Rabbit, duh! Alright, so it isn’t so self-evident, yet perhaps you’ve just found a peculiar hare sculpture concealed in a peaceful corner of the moon. In case you’re deficient with regards to a little rice cake, the scornful knave will say “You need something.” No, it’s not certainty, it’s a tidbit.

Where Do You Find Small Rice Cake Destiny 2?

These little treats can be found by finishing for all intents and purposes any action on the Moon. Lost Sectors, public occasions, chests dissipated all through the planet, Nightmare Hunts, and even the Garden of Salvation attack drop Small Rice Cakes when finished or communicated with. Recollect that you can just acquire one for each character each week. Three can be acquired on the off chance that you complete an action on every one of your three characters, permitting you to get each of the nine sculptures in just three weeks. Basically, complete exercises on the Moon to get Small Rice Cakes.

Where To Find Every Daito Rabbit

Small Rice Cake Destiny 2

There are nine hares altogether on the Moon: two in Archer’s Line, four in the Hellmouth, one in the Anchor of Light, and the last two are in Sorrow’s Harbor. We will go over where to discover every one of them. Note that if a section indicates a heading (north, west, and so on), it is regarding the guide. North is the top piece of your guide, west is the left-hand part of the guide, and so forth.

Before you choose to chase down the Daito Rabbits, you should converse with Eris Morn and get her week by week Lunar Spelunker abundance. Finishing it will open the Firewall Data Fragment for the K1 Revelation Lost Sector. We will require this for one of the hares. Other than that, here is the place where you can locate each of the nine Diato Rabbits.

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