How to Get Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves [Full Guide]

Getting Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves is basic for those players hoping to fire up the Fort of the Damned or acquire a few doubloons. These new skulls are white with a grisly impression on the face. Discovering Ritual Skulls can be a large portion of the fight, as they’re not actually normal.

On the Sea of Thieves, it will not be the ocean breeze that cools your bones. There’s dim sorcery frequenting now evil shores. Ceremonial Skulls are a special kind of asset that were first brought into Sea of Thieves a year ago as a feature of the Dark Relics Content Update.

The Ritual Skull is generally uncommon, yet don’t let that prevent you from looking for it! Contingent upon who you offer them to (on the off chance that you sell them), they merit a pleasant satchel of various kinds of Doubloons. Both the Bilge Rats and the Ritual Skull Sea of Thieves place a high incentive on the Ritual Skulls in Sea of Thieves and will compensate you liberally for them. Then again, you can utilize them to perform Rituals!

Ritual Skulls is also some like Lord of the Mountain BOTW and are a more extraordinary and considerably more important sort of Skull. There are a couple of techniques that get the opportunity of acquiring a Ritual Skull.

Where to find Ritual Skulls

Spot a Ritual Skull on the skeleton’s neck to begin the Fort of the Damned. Ceremonial Skulls can be found from three primary sources:

  • Skull Stash Voyages
  • Gray Chests
  • Skeleton Ships

Skulls Stash Voyages are the absolute most ideal approach to get Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves. Pale Chests are another sort of chest. These chests resemble a standard Collector’s Chest, yet with red hot runes cut on the sides and magma intertwined between the wood. An Ashen Chest can contain a wide range of things including sacks of gold and doubloons, Gold Hoarder relics, Tomes, and even a Ritual Skull.

The downside to this strategy for getting a Ritual Skull is that it’s a multi-step measure with a slim likelihood of getting a skull. To get an Ashen Chest, you should murder an Ashen Guardian skeleton skipper, follow its orders to an island, uncover the chest and afterward open it with an Ashen Key. Colorless Keys are just dropped by Ashen Key Masters. Not an extraordinary method of getting a Ritual Skull, yet at the same time an alternative.

What to do with a Ritual Skull

The plunder in the Fort of the Damned is definitely justified even despite the exertion of getting a Ritual Skull. For those that are considering what all the quarrel is about with Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves, the appropriate response is very basic. The principle use for a Ritual Skull is for initiating the Fort of the Damned or being sold for doubloons.

The Fort of the Damned (situated at L14) resembles a squeezed up Skeleton Fort with much more plunder. Be that as it may, this plunder accompanies an elevated test. Subsequent to gathering all the lamp tones, you should utilize the Ritual Skull to formally begin the fortress attack.

Discovering Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves is no simple errand. The skulls just drop from a couple of sources or should be found in the wake of buying costly journeys. Contingent upon your residency, it’s likely a decent choice to simply purchase the journeys. For every other person, begin chasing those Skeleton Ships and Ashen Chests! Take a gun over to the Shacknews Sea of Thieves control and walkthrough for significantly more accommodating action and occasion guides.

How To Acquire Ritual Skulls

Ceremonial Skulls can be obtained in the game through various manners. A portion of these consistently ensure a drop, while others basically get an opportunity of compensating the thing.

Explicit experiences assurance to drop in any event one of these uncommon skulls, however you can likewise get them arbitrarily from chests and boats. We’ve dug the profundities and found the current full rundown of approaches to acquire them! Peruse on underneath to discover how.

Complete Skull Stash Voyages:

The Skull Stash Voyages are an ensured Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves, and they just expect players to finish a mission with a solitary section. Locate the X set apart on the guide to uncover the skull.

These Voyages can be procured for 30 Doubloons from the Bilge Rats Black Market in each station in the game by conversing with the NPC Larinna before the Tavern. You can just buy one Skull Stash Voyage every month.

Defeat The Captain Of A Skeleton Fleet:

Skeleton Fleets are a kind of world occasion in Sea of Thieves where players need to go head to head against three floods of dynamically harder Skeleton Ships. When they rout the third wave with the Skeleton Captain, they are remunerated with a Ritual Skull close by numerous different fortunes.

Skeleton Fleets arbitrarily show up close to the focal point of the game guide, handily demonstrated by the dull dark vessel formed mists in the sky.

Defeat Skeleton Ships

While cruising through the ocean, players will frequently run over singular. Skeleton Ships that are not a piece of any huge Skeleton Fleet. These are generally normal events in the Sea of Thieves.

What’s more, despite the fact that there will never be an assurance. That assaulting these boats will remunerate you with a Ritual Skull. There is consistently a little possibility that they may drop one after being annihilated. So in case you’re on the chase for Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves. Consider sinking as numerous independent Skeleton Ships as you can.

Defeat An Ashen Lord

The Ashen Winds are another sort of world occasion. Sea of Thieves where players need to go head to head against one of four diverse Ashen Lords. These are unfathomably difficult supervisor battles with various stages. One of the ensured awards for beating them is a Ritual Skull.

To partake in these fights, watch out for the Ashen Winds Cloud over an island when cruising. This is a red hot twister that denotes the site. Where a bringing custom for the Ashen Lords is occurring. When you draw near enough to an island where a custom is going on. The battle ought to consequently start.

Open Ashen Chests

Gray Chests are unique compartments that consistently have three bits of fortune inside them. One of these is consistently an Ashen Tome, however the other. Two are haphazardly chosen from various things, including a Ritual Skull. These chests likewise require an Ashen Key to open.

Two Ashen Chests and Ashen Keys consistently drop in the wake of crushing. The Captain’s Ship of a Skeleton Fleet however you can likewise get them from. A Meridian Metroplex Crew Challenges few different exercises like finishing an Ashen Guardian’s Notes mission, completing. Skeleton Fort world occasion, or even from sinking irregular Skeleton Ships.

Open Collector’s Chests

Gatherer’s Chests are one of a few diverse holder chests Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves. There’s an irregular possibility that they house a Ritual Skull inside them.

Gatherer’s Chests can be obtained through various sources, however the absolute most solid. Ones are finishing Riddle Maps and Wayfinder Voyages. You additionally get an opportunity of obtaining them from any post or wreck.

Guaranteed Ritual Skull drops

Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves

While the alternatives above get an opportunity to discover the skull. These two choices are ensured to remunerate privateers with the pined for Ritual Skull in Sea of Thieves.

The principal technique is through buying a Skull Stash Voyage from the Bilge Rats Black Market. This will give you a guide that ensures a skull. Typically on the island where you have bought it.

The subsequent strategy is by crushing the Captain’s Ship during a Skeleton Fleet experience. When you get your hands on these you can sell. It or take a stab at gathering the Ghost of Gray marrow.

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