How to Reroll Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, you’ll have the option to get a Summon right at the actual beginning of the game at the low cost of 500 Lapis. Getting a strong Summon can help you out a ton in the early game, and will be exceptionally valuable to you down the line also. For example, a position four or five Summon will effectively bring you through the principal modest bunch of story missions, rather than a less great position two Summon. To guarantee a smooth early excursion, you can reroll your free Summon toward the beginning of the game.

The worldwide adaptation of War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has at long last dropped, so that implies a certain something; Who is the best beginning unit? In this short reroll guide and level rundown, we will be covering the nuts and bolts with regards to getting a decent beginning in this game. Assuming that you really want assistance with really playing the actual game, make certain to look at or novice’s aide here.

Rerolling itself is genuinely direct, as you should uninstall and reinstall the game in the event that you find your rolls not exactly fulfilling. Here we will direct you how to do it at all excruciating way that could be available. To start, decide to download the game information short the voices, final fantasy brave exvius tier list, since that takes up with regards to a large portion of the document size.

How to Reroll Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  1. Start the game with a visitor account, and don’t sign in to Facebook.
  2. Complete the instructional exercise and roll for your first Summon with 500 Lapis.
  3. If it’s a Summon you need, fantastic. You can keep playing. If not, continue to stage four.
  4. If it’s anything but a Summon you need, sign into the game with your Facebook account in the menu, and afterward erase the current information. This will send you back to the fundamental menu screen.
  5. Log out of your Facebook record, and afterward start another game again until you get the 500 Lapis, and roll for one more Summon until you get a position four or five.

Rehash this cycle until you at last get the Summon you need to go with you on your excursion. I hear Shantotto and Vaan are truly strong Summons to have, however I was really content with getting Rydia, actually.

Last Fantasy Brave Exvius is presently accessible on iOS and Android gadgets.


Rerolling is the point at which you restart the game until you are happy with your beginning pulls. It isn’t needed to reroll to completely partake in this game, Cancel Final Fantasy 14 Subscription however it ought to be thought of if:

  • You need to play this game with your beloved characters.
  • You need to get the most ideal characters to make the game simpler.
  • You won’t make in game buys.
  • The quantity of characters that are feasible to pull is high, and it just gets more enthusiastically to get the characters
  • You need as they add more to the pool.

Step by step instructions to Reroll

  • Start the game and play through the instructional exercise
  • After the underlying calling, a 1★ person, go to the home screen assuming you’re not currently coordinated there (by means of the red button on the upper right corner)
  • Click the envelope close to the highest point of the screen
  • Click the button close to top center of the screen to guarantee all mail
  • Click the Crystal button on the base menu to go to the Gacha Page
  • Click the Gacha Banner that you might want to pull on (If you need a unit that at present has a rate up, click that flag.
  • Assuming you need a unit that isn’t evaluated up, click the yellow pennant. Assuming you need a specific unit from a restricted pool, actually take a look at Note2.)
  • Click the button with the 11 on it to do a multi pull (5000 Lapis)
  • To utilize tickets, click the yellow button on the base left on your preferred Gacha Banner

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