How to Mod Xbox 360 Controler

There are two sorts of individuals on the planet: the people who purchase their items say, a Mod Xbox 360 Controler and cheerfully use it as the maker expected, and the individuals who have an inborn intuition to change their items since, indeed, they can.

The last option are called modders, got from “adjust.” They take their equipment (or programming) and change it so it either accomplishes something totally unique or simply looks incredibly great.

While modding can allude to vehicles modifying the guts or controls of the vehicle it regularly alludes to registering. Modders could fiddle with programming to make hand crafted games, xbox 360 controller mod kit introduce fluid cooling innovation, or redesign a PC frame to change its appearance.

How to Mod Xbox 360 Controler

There’s no limit to the mods that have been done to Xbox 360 control center cases, and, thusly, there are likewise a significant number xbox 360 controller mod kit. PCMag has gathered together an assortment of the 10 most attractive, most abnormal regulator mods you’re ever liable to see, a big part of which end up being finished by ace modder Benjamin Heckendorn (or Ben Heck as he’s known on the Internet). Unfortunately, you can’t buy these astounding mods, yet you can stare at their marvelousness.

One Handed Xbox 36 Controller (Lefties)

There are a couple modded regulators intended for an individual with just one hand. This one is by Ben Heck, apparently the most popular modder around. (Mod Xbox 360 Controler.)

Another Handed Controller (Right-hand)

Ben Heck made a second USB Mic xbox 360 controller led mod for right-gave use, this time allowing the client to give their leg something to do on the simple stick. In addition, it incorporates a PlayStation D-cushion.

Xbox 360 Arcade Controller

In the event that you preferred the prospect of controlling the Xbox with a NES Advantage, which was intended to sit on the foot stool to play, then, at that point, you’ll adore this exceptional regulator from a modder named Shaolin Drunkard. It has Xbox style in a hand tailored oak box, Mod Xbox 360 Controler complete with various LED buttons and a joystick that lights up.

Atari Joystick Controller for Xbox 360

For a large number of us of a specific age, there won’t ever be a joystick as incredible as the one that worked with the Atari 2600, notwithstanding that reality that it was an ergonomic bad dream that likely disabled numerous a hand during long periods of Asteroids play. So it’s nothing unexpected that Ben Heck proceeded to put a whole xbox 360 controller joystick repair within an old Atari regulator, regardless of whether it is somewhat futile for ongoing interaction.


Does Strike load work with tip top regulator?

XB1 first class has various prongs on the battery cover. It will fit assuming you snap a few prongs, or you can slide it in with the prongs outside the regulator. Anyway the equipment of the strike pack isn’t viable with the first class regulator and won’t work.

Does Cronus have aimbot?

A Cronus Zen is a little gadget that players interface with their regulators or PCs. Cronus The Zen permits players to cheat in Warzone. Since it’s anything but an unequivocal ‘aimbot’ or ‘wallhack’, it tends to be more challenging to distinguish in foe killcams.

Will the Cronus Zen work on PS5?

Cronus Zen upholds all renditions of the PlayStation 5 control center (requires outsider ps4 regulator).

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