Is Clash Of Clans Dying? [Full Guide]

The popular strategy game with millions of players is believed to be dying. Many of the old players are leaving the game because of so-called ‘huge updates.’ Developers of Clash of Clans are busy implementing new TH levels while they aren’t focusing on what fans demand. Fans have been asking for the use of heroes in clan wars while they are being upgraded, but sadly they aren’t getting any response from developers for almost two years.

Is Clash Of Clans Dying

The addition of builder base was a great set back to the game. Most of the old players considered it as rubbish. I saw many top players who didn’t even build a builder base.

Last but not least battle royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite also did a lot of damage to the player base of the game. A lot of players have moved to PUBG. According to irishtimes ‘Core profit falls 20% as revenue for games decline.”. The game had a profit drop of 20% in 2017.

So wrapping up the topic I want to say that developers of the game should think for better ideas rather than implementing new and new Town Hall levels. They should try giving players new troops and better strategies. Hope for the best. Clash On!

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