How To Reach Champion League Fast At TH9 (2018)

Hi Guys, Today I will guide you how to Reach Champion League Fast At TH9. Everyone wants to push to the champion league to get that 2000 gems reward. If you don’t have 5th builder you can get it by reaching the champion league. Let’s go to the guide:

Give time to game.

To reach champion league fast you need to play a lot. Play at least 6 to 7 hours daily to reach champion league from the gold league in just 2 days. Choose weekends for pushing. You can reach 2800 trophies by just using Giant attacks but after 2800 you need to use strong troops.

Attack Strategy

To reach champion league fast you should use LavaLoon attacks. LavaLoon attacks are very powerful. You can 3 star any TH9 if you can master this strategy. You can 1 star some TH10 base too. If you want to learn LavaLoon attacks you can read my LavaLoon guide.

Search For Base

Try to search for an easy Reach Champion League Fast At TH9. There are many TH9 bases till 3100 trophies. You can easily find a TH9 base to attack. If you can’t find a TH9 base for 10 mins you can go for a TH10 base. Find a TH10 base which has a lot of buildings outside. Clear defenses which are near outer buildings by deploying some balloons. Deploy lava hounds on air defenses and then deploy few loons after them. Try to clear outermost defense and then clear outer building with minions.

Conclusion: It is easy to reach the champion league at TH9 but it demands at least 2 days. I hope my guide will help you a bit in your push. Clash On!

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