How To Reach Champion League Fast At TH8 (2018)

Hey, guys, I am back with a brand new guide. If you want to push to the Reach Champion League Fast At TH8, then I hope this guide will help you. By reaching champion league, you can get 2000 gem for your 5th builder. Reaching champion league at TH8 is not difficult but it demands time, but this guide will help you to achieve champion league fast.

Give Time

Play at least 6 to 7 hours daily to reach champion league in one week. Try to stay online as much as you can. So connect your phone charger and keep clashing! By staying online, you can’t be attacked. Try to earn 120 trophies daily. Earn more trophies than you lose.


Search for a TH8 base. Don’t attack TH9s till 2800 trophies. You can easily 3-star fellow TH8s with GoWiPe strategy. When you cross 2800 trophies now, it’s time to attacks TH9 base. Search for a TH9 base which has Town Hall near the edge of this base. You can quickly destroy that Town Hall with GoWiPe. I explained GoWipe Strategy below.

Attack Strategy

Use GoWiPe attacks. Try to upgrade your Golem and Pekka to level 2. Train 2 golems, two pekkas, few wall breakers, and some wizard. First of all, deploy your golems on one side of the base. There should be a distance between these golems so that all the defense on the side attack golems. Deploy few wall breakers to make way for pekkas. Drop a heal spell to heal your troops. When your troops are in the core throw a rage spell on them. You still have one rage spell left. Use last rage spell when few defenses are left. By using this combination, you can 3 star your fellows TH8s and 1 star most of TH9s.

I hope this guide will help you. Come back tomorrow for a new guide

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