How to Get Warframe Nitain Extract Farming [Full Guide]

This is a full guide on how to get WarFrame Nitain extract farming. In this article we will discuss and talk about Nitain extract which is a very aggravating asset with regards to farming. Everyone who is familiar with War Frame and plays it would be quite upset because creating and getting an asset called the Nitain extract farming is exceedingly difficult and there is no doubt. You may question why is it referred to as the hardest? it is because it involves you to play the game a lot and also get tips on how to get this resource.

Nitain Extract Warframe

What you need is over 100 Nitain extract if you really want to craft everything that requires the resource. However, you do not need to worry about how to achieve this because this article is a complete guide that will help you through the process. We will be talking about extracting farm Nitain, its locations in the War frame and lastly some of the modules that use it for crafting it.

If you are thinking that you can trade Nitain Extract then unfortunately, no one is allowed to trade Nitain extract.  It is a resource that is only available every 4 hours. No one is allowed to drop it and also you cannot buy it from the marketplace.

Nitain Extract is one of the resources in Warframe that cannot be generated like other various assets and considering, it must be gained through numerous procedures. This asset is used for making War frames, Arch wings and two or three armaments. To create Nitain Extract, you should know the best ways to deal with get them with no issue.

How to get Nitain extract Warframe

Warframe Nitain Extract Farming

Presently, there are only three ways that are known to farm Nitain extract War frame. You can buy Nitain extract from the Night wave intermission contributions, finish ghoul purge bounties to get Nitain extract or farm Nitain extract from resource caches.


I’ve referenced all the strategies that you can use to cultivate Nitain Extract without any problem.

  1. Buy Nitain extract from night wave intermission offerings.

For this option you will have to rank up to level 15 by night wave intermission to finally unlock WolfCred which is a special currency. Once you get the 15 WolfCred, you can now purchase a bundle which has 5 Nitain extract.

  1. Farm Nitain Extract from resource caches.

If you are opting for this option, you will need to look for resource caches to get a hold of Nitain extracts. These resource caches in include ‘in the Void’, there are two sabotage missions called Stribog and Marduk. These are missions that consist of Orokin Caches. However, you need to find all three of them and then you will be able to get a Nitain Extract. This mission itself can be completed very swiftly and requires just a couple of minutes. This also applies to find all caches and the void is very straightforward and simple for that.

Warframe Nitain Extract Farming

  1. Nitain extract farm locations.

In Nitain extract farm locations and the void have many resource caches. Besides this mission, there are several other added missions that reward you with Nitain extract. The mission of Plato on Lua is also a suitable place to farm Nitain extract. Since it is an exterminate mission, you can quickly rush through the entire mission but in all this haste do not forget about the caches as they are particularly important. The Nitain extract is in rotation C which means that all of the 3 caches are equally important and are required to get the job done. As the spawn points of the caches are also the same as the sculptures, you will also be able to get some of the Ayatan sculptures. To get the Nitain extract, open your resource caches.

Lua – Plato is a good mission because you are qualified to get crafted Forma, Ayatan Sculptures, and Nitain Extract. Nevertheless, the chance of getting Nitain Extract is not very high. I would only recommend you farm Nitain Extracts if you are running out of them and if you want to farm them as promptly as possible. If not, well, the alerts are probably sufficient for you.

Best Places with Percentages:

  • Kelpie, Sedna (Grineer Sabotage Mission) – possibility of 2.00% to discover 1 Nitain after opening each of the three reserves.
  • Cypress, Pluto (Corpus Sabotage Mission) – possibility of 2.00% to discover 1 Nitain after opening every one of the three stores.
  • Stribog, Void (Corrupted Sabotage Mission) – possibility of 2.00% to discover 1 Nitain after opening each of the three stores.
  • Dakata, Kuva Fortress (Grineer Exterminate Mission) – possibility of 2.00% to discover 1 Nitain after opening each of the three stores.

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