How to Get free Pokemon Go Promo Codes in 2020

Are you looking to grab some Free Pokemon go promo codes? we have brought you some promo codes list which will definitely work in 2020 so use this list and get a bunch of free items.

What are Pokemon GO Promo Codes?

Free Pokemon go promo codes

Pokemon GO codes are codes which you could redeem either via the program or at the Niantic official site to recieve free in-game products. Most frequently it is Poke Balls and Berries, however sometimes you can get lucky and get a Ultra Balls, Max Revives, Egg Incubators, Lucky Eggs, Puffin, and Poke Coins.

We must also point out that occasionally you receive a Free Pokemon go promo codes if are not busy in the sport for 14 days. Therefore if it’s been some time since you played be sure to check your email since you could have one waiting for you!

How to redeem Pokemon GO Promo Codes

In the event that you’re an Android client, at that point you have two options with regards to reclaiming Pokemon GO codes. The first is through the application on your telephone and the second through Niantic’s offer reclamation page.

Shockingly for iPhone clients the best way to reclaim Pokemon GO promo codes is through Niantic’s offer recovery page. This is likely a result of Apple’s lofty application strategy in which it takes a 30% commission of whatever is being bought. Shockingly for a long time to come it would seem that it’ll remain as such.

In the event that you’ve got an iPhone or Android telephone, at that point:

Go to Niantic’s offer recovery page

Sign in to with your Pokemon GO account. You can utilize Google or Facebook if that is the manner by which you joined.

Type in the dynamic promo code.

Hit reclaim and appreciate!

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