Where to Find the Harp Bow in Elden Ring

Harp Bow is one of the many weapons found in Elden Ring. This is a light bow that players can get by translating the pieces of information from a Painting. Assuming you have played Elden Ring, you know that the Paintings have a few signs, and assuming you can arrive at the area following the hints, you can get the award. It’s something similar with the Harp Bow in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has a lot of cool weapons for your to get and utilize and the elden ring bows is one of them. This is a light bow that has low detail necessities and will permit you to bargain harm from a good ways. In this Elden Ring guide, we will walk you through how you can get the Harp Bow.

Where to Find the Harp Bow in Elden Ring

  • The compositions that you can track down each proposition a thing assuming you can sort out what area the picture is portraying. The composition in this guide will remunerate you with the Harp Bow. This rich went weapon is a light bow that can discharge rather rapidly and is incredible for enchantment clients who like to keep their details low since it has a low detail prerequisite. Here is the place where you can observe the Harp Bow in Elden Ring.
  • The artwork that prompts the Harp Bow is the Champion’s Song painting. This painting is situated in the Shaded Castle in Altus Plateau. To arrive at this area, Merchant in Mohgwyn Palace should travel north through the huge gorge in the level. The actual palace is shrouded in poison and can be challenging to move. You will track down the composition on a wooden stage close to certain skeletons in the upper east segment of the palace.
  • After you get your hands on the artwork, you should advance toward the Rampartside Path Site of Grace that is right external the western mass of the capital city in Altus Plateau. From the Site of Grace, advance up the precipices behind it. You will see a few gravestones standing out of the bluff yet you can undoubtedly get up the precipice by circumventing the slope. Go to the cliffside and gradually stroll along the edge to track down the soul painter. He will vanish and leave the Harp Bow in his place.


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The Harp Bow weapon can be found at the accompanying area:

  • Gained by settling the Champion’s Song Painting, found in The Shaded Castle.

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