GoWiPe Attack Strategy Guide For TH8

Hey Guys Chief AHK is back with the latest guide. Today I will help you to learn GoWiPe Attack Strategy Guide For TH8. GoWiPe is a strong attack strategy for TH8. By using GoWiPe, you can easily 3 star your fellow TH8s. I will try to give a short guide. Let’s go to guide.

GoWiPe Attack Strategy Guide For TH8

Army Composition

Following should be your army composition: 1. Two Golems 2. Two Pekka 3. Four Wall Breakers 2. Two Hogs for luring castle troops 4. Rest Wizards 5. One Heal spell, Two Rage spells, and One Poison spell 6. Pekka In Clan Castle 7. Poison Spell in Clan Castle

Step One: Kill Castle Troops

Never forget to kill castle troops when you are attacking in war. Castle troops can cause significant damage to your army. Deploy two hogs to lure castle troops. Take those castle troops in the corner and throw two poison spells on them, deploy some wizards to keep them in poison spell’s ring.

Step Two: Deploy Troops

Deploy two Golems on one side of the base. There should be some distance between these Golems. Make sure all defenses attack these Golems. Deploy a line of Wizards behind golems to destroy outside building so that your Pekkas don’t wander around. Deploy wall breakers to make way for pekkas to go to the core of the base. Deploy Barbarian King after pekkas.

Step Three: Use Spells

Throw a heal spell to heal your golems, wizards, and pekkas when they are taking damage. You can also save heal spell for the end of the battle. Throw rage on your troops when they are in the core of base. Use remaining rage spell when first rage spell ends. Note: Using spells wisely can have a great impact on your battle.

That was a short and simple guide. I hope this guide will help you to 3 star your fellow GoWiPe Attack Strategy Guide For TH8. Clash On!

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