Farming with Miners: Best Loot Strategy For TH10,TH11 and TH12

Today I will share an excellent Best Loot Strategy For TH10, TH11, and TH12. I have been using this strategy for a long time, so I decided to share it with you too.

Army Composition

Army composition is simple. Just fill up all of your camps with Miners and if few spaces are left, train barbarians or archers.


Heroes are not necessary as you are going to take out mines and collectors online, but if you want to push your trophies, then you might need heroes and spells.

Choosing the right base

Search for a dead base or the base which has a proper amount of resources in its collectors and mines just like the image below.

So resource building and collectors of this base are half filled. I decided to attack it, and I was successful in stealing most of the resources.


Deploy 3-4 miners on each mine and collector. They will be able to destroy it in seconds.

Then deploy all of your remaining miners on the storages of one Best Loot Strategy For TH10 like in the image above. I deployed all my remaining miners on the gold storages of downside. Use archers if you still need 2-3 percent of the base to win. Here is the result:

I didn’t explain much as it was not needed because this strategy is straightforward to perform. Just try it for 2-3 days, and you will be master of it. I am sure you will love this strategy.

See you in the comments. Clash on!

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