Destiny 2 Pain and Gain Exotic Quest Guide

Regardless of whether you’re new to Destiny 2 or a veteran, one of the main missions you’ll probably go over in Shadowkeep is Pain and Gain. This journey rewards you with the Riskrunner outlandish SMG and the Riskrunner Catalyst, which makes the weapon much more remarkable. Considering this mission chain doesn’t need a lot of exertion, it’s totally worth doing immediately.

One interesting point: The Riskrunner compensated for this mission is a Powerful form, which implies it accompanies an essentially higher light level than what ought to typically drop for you. Without getting into the bare essential, Powerful drops are in some cases best left for after you’ve arrived at the new delicate cap of light level 900. When you arrive, just Powerful plunder will be an update for you. In the event that you truly need to min-max your granulating, it very well may merit holding up until you’re 900 preceding getting Riskrunner to guarantee that it’s the most remarkable variant you can get. Or on the other hand you can simply snatch it now since it’s cool as damnation.

Destiny 2 Pain and Gain and Riskrunner Guide

Step 1: Joy in Suffering

The initial phase in Pain and Gain is called Joy in Suffering. This progression requires players complete three exercises: a Lost Sector in the EDZ, any Heroic public occasion, and a Nightfall strike. These should be moderately simple to achieve.

In case you’re having issue with the Nightfall, consider trying to gain more Power by completing exercises that reward Powerful stuff levels.

Destiny 2 Pain and Gain Exotic

Step 2: Risk/Reward

Next up is the Risk/Reward part of the mission. This progression sees players re-visitation of the Cosmodrome to battle a Devil Walker. This is the very region that New Light players battle through on their approach to gather their first boat. Open up the Director and select Earth, at that point the blue standard that understands Risk/Reward.

You should overcome three Fallen Captains, all of which bring forth in the buildings around the Walker. At the point when every one of the three are dead, rout the Walker.

At the point when the Walker detonates, you should make a beeline for the Breach looking for a bolted entryway. Continue through the divider and into the jumping puzzle. The objective is to go through the gorge to the furthest edge. Utilize the different stages and lines to advance across, being mindful so as not to get killed by the Shanks.

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Toward the finish of the jumping puzzle will be a workbench with an image of a chicken. Gather the conductors on the table to open your Riskrunner. Presently, drop down the immense line into the following room and thrashing the Fallen using your freshly discovered weapon.

Step 3 – Return Home

All you require to do now is head back to the Tower and address Banshee-44. He’ll simply stop for a moment to talk with you about Cayde-6, and you should now have your Riskrunner in addition to its Exotic Catalyst.

Sounds simple right? that is on the grounds that it is. Regardless of whether you just make them even seven days to play Destiny 2, this is a mission worth doing. There’s a restricted test, but on the other hand there’s a quite extraordinary prize.

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