Clash of Clans: Top 5 predictions for 2019

Hello, fellow clashers. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are doing good. Today I am going to tell you five predictions done by Galadon about future of Clash of Clans: Top 5 predictions.

Prediction No.1: Town Hall 13

Yeah, another new town hall. Most of you might be thinking that Clash of Clans just released TH12 how can they implement another town hall level but It is possible and it is predicted by Galadon on his Youtube channel. Most of you might be disappointed by this but this is just a prediction. It is possible but I am not sure if it will be implemented this year. If we do see a town hall 13 it won’t be before Clash World Championship. It will be released after those championships. We have 50 percent of a chance that TH13 will be the last update of the year 2019.

Prediction No.2: A new Hero

Yes, I do think that with TH13 we will see another hero. Let’s go back and look at the history of heroes. Barbarian King was announced for TH7, Archer Queen for TH9 and Grand Warden for TH11 and then TH13. It seems like we will see an additional hero at TH13. It might be similar to Grand Warden as predicted by Galadon. It could have a very different ability from Grand Warden. Maybe you can’t bring both Grand Warden and new hero together as it will be too OP but still, it is just a prediction.

Prediction No.3: New Walls – But!

These new walls maybe something different from normal walls. Maybe they give them a special ability like stopping hog riders, stopping air troops or maybe giving them the ability to fight back. These walls would be limited. I believe it will be added this year.

Prediction No.4: New CWL leagues

Currently, we have Champion 1 for highest clan war league I feel like that is not high enough. I heard that there are a thousand clans that made it to Champion 1. I am almost positive that we will see a titan league three, two, one and perhaps even a legend league.

Prediction No.5: Clash Championship Winner – New Faces

As we all know a Clash Championship will happen in 2019 where winning clan will receive money prize and it will be crowned as ‘Best Clan In The World’. A lot of top clans such as One Hive, Dark Looters and more are going to participate in the championship but I believe the winner of Clash of Clans: Top 5 predictions will be a lesser-known clan. The players who gonna win this are going to come out of nowhere and win this Championship. They are going to beat all top clans and will become instant celebrities of the ‘World of Clash’. That’s all.

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