Best Th9 War Base 2019 Anti Everything (COC)

Th9 War Base is a design for the layout of the famous game Clash of Clans which help you out to figure out the layout design of your base. With this feature, you will able to choose which layout that you think will lead you in winning the battles. Not only that, an ideal layout will also protect you village from getting damaged by the attackers.

Even though those layout designs would not reward any 2 stars, but at least, by protecting your village, you would not lose any star. Yes, as a fan of Clash of Clans, you must have noticed that having a perfect layout will impact on the attack’s result.

Th9 is really a gift for you to use in the game since there are numbers of variations along with diverse soldiers available for you to use once you have upgraded your troops up to 3 star of your enemy. Lavaloon, Hogs, Witches, and Valks, all of them are visisble for a 3 base dependant.

So, here are some th9 War Base layout for you to check out! One more thing you should note is, all of these th9 war base anti 3 stars have the capability to withstand the Valhyrie and Lava loons.

Best Th9 War Base Anti 3 Stars

If you have been searching out for your dram base, then you definitely should check this layout! This layout is built smartly with well-organized design which able you to defend from any type of attacking strategies from your enemy.

The coolest thing you can see from this layout is from the walls which are really placed in ideal spots. This will help you out from getting attacked by different troop combos!

One essential tip for you, more intersections for the walls will make your layout better. So, here is another base design which also built smartly. The focus of this layout design is to save every single star that you have! However, the enemy will still get to steal at least 1 star if you are using this base layout. But no need to worry, since this layout guarantees for you to save 2-3 stars.

Now you can see how the double layers of the walls on the town hall’ side built on this base. All of the layers of walls along with the traps and well-arranged defence portion will definitely support you in winning the battle. So, what are you waiting for? Start the battle and let this awesome layout design to lead the victory to your hand!

Best Th9 War Base Anti 2 Stars

Well, we can give the title the best layout for this design! Not only this layout is well-organized, but also due to the layout has congested defense. As you can see how the village will able to give proper defense from any attacking strategies which come from your enemy. Even though it could be a complex task for you in luring your troops out of the castle, but it will provide you more protection and benefits while you are battling with your enemy with using this layout.

Okay, here is another base layout that will be ideal to defend from valkyries attacks, drag attacks, and also gowipe attacks. The highly secured air-defenses are euipped and located all over the layout, which make it hard and even impossible for the drags to steal out 3 stars from you if you are usig this layout!


X-Bow is basically a vast-firing turret which will be able to be unlocked at Town Hall 9. You need to load this X-Bow first before you could use it in the game, and the good thing is it is free to download it! Once you have dowbloaded it, the X-Bow will be automatically placed at the time you log into the game.

A weakness from the X-Bow is that if it would create some shots without reloaded, then the ammunition will be run out, and the X-Bow will not able to make any more fire to shots.

Defensive Strategy

  • If you could place and load the X-Bow properly, then it will able to dominate the attacks that you get from the enemy. However, it is highly recommended for you to not use X-Bow as a defense of your front line since it would not be effective enough.
  • Place the X-Bow in the second range of your damage defense area, or you also can place it best behind the entire other defenses on your base as well. Usually, most players will place their X-Bow in their base center.
  • Make sure t always load your X-Bow everytime you log into the game. If your X-Bow is unloaded, then the result will not only wasting the space, but worst, your base could be even neglected. Thus, the enemy will be encouraged to perform attacks on your base.

Offensive Strategy

  • There is no essential weakness frm X-bow actually. The only essential weakness would be it is on the ground-only set up mode, which is able to be determined by the method it is angled. If the angke method is horizontal, then it would able to target only the ground troops. On the other hand, if the X-Bow is tilted up, them it will able yu to attack eve the air units.
  • You can lock the X-Bow on to any unit for a qute long period due to its range length. In other words, it means that by locating the X-Bow near to the center will allow you to snipe at the troops located outside of your base.
  • To attack an X-Bow, you have to treat it as a length-ranged Archer Tower or Cannon. But you need to remember that numbers of unit would might be mowed down vastly with this type of defense. If you could distract it with well high-health troops such as Giants or, you would able to destroy it with a huge group of attackers like Barbarians or else Archers.

So here it was the best guide to Th9 War base in clash of clans Latest Updated!

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