Best Leagues For Loot At TH8, TH9 And TH10

The main problem of many players is that they can’t find a Best Leagues For Loot At TH8. So today I will help you.

Best League For TH8

You can find many dead bases from 1100-1600 trophies so try to maintain your awards between this range. When I was TH8, I used to farm in Silver and Gold league. I assure you that these leagues will give you the best loot for upgrading your village.

Best League For TH9

If you are TH9, you can find a lot of dead bases from 1800- 2400 trophies. Try to maintain your trophies between this range. Gold League I and crystal league will fill your storages quickly.

Best League For TH10

At TH10 your trophies should be between 2100-2800 trophies. I used to farm in this trophy range with my mini account. You can find a dead base here in just 3 or 4 searches. That was a short and simple guide. Clash On!

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