Best League For Getting Loot At TH12

Most of you might be facing loot problems after upgrading to Best League For Getting Loot At TH12. After moving up and down in different leagues, I found the best trophy range for Town Hall level 12.

Crystal League (2200-2400)

I find a lot of dead bases in this trophy range. Try to maintain your trophies between 2200-2400 and I can assure you that you will find some good loot here. Crystal league is always suitable for farming. You won’t lose much loot here because most of the attackers in this league use to attack dead bases and avoid active bases.

Champion League (3200-3400)

At TH12 you can farm in the champion league too. You won’t find dead bases here, but the loot bonus is enough to fill your storages in a few hours. You might be thinking why you should farm between 3200-3400? The answer is that the bases here are easier to destroy. You can Best League For Getting Loot At TH12 of the base by using LavaLoon. Champion league II is also good to farm loot, but I prefer 3200-3400 range.

That’s all I have today. I hope you enjoyed today’s guide. Share your views and opinions in comments. Clash On!

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