Best Attack Strategy for BH6 (2018)

Hey Guys, today I will guide you about the Best Attack Strategy for BH6. By using this strategy, you can win most of the attacks. To use this strategy, you must have level 12 Beta Minions.

Army Composition

Army composition for this strategy is simple. You need to train beta minions in all of your army camps.

Builder Machine

You will need builder Machine level 5 as it will be the critical factor in winning the attack.

Choosing Right Side To Attack

First of all, you need to check the place of Air Bombs.

Then attack from the opposite side of Air Bombs. Just like in the image below.

Deploy the builder Best Attack Strategy for BH6 so it will take most of the damage then deploy all of your minions behind the machine. Deploy minions in layers behind the machine. Minions will take out most of the buildings and builder hall too. You will quickly get 70% of the base. By using this strategy I assure you that you will win most of the attacks. Hope you enjoyed the guide. If you have any question feel free to comment. Clash On!

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