All Attack Upgrade Locations in Tunic

Tunic’s little fox legend has loads of significant details, from wizardry to wellbeing to protection. Attack upgrade locations is additionally significant, obviously, and you can increase it by finding enormous teeth inside certain chests. You can then offer these teeth and a couple of jewels at a checkpoint to attack upgrade locations – on the whole, you want to find them. This is the way.

Going into an important pursuit since MP is usually very restricted in this game, so using the blade can make us run out of energy with just multiple times, so it is important to know where to find all the update locations of MP and to give you more insights regarding it we bring this informative aide.

The TUNIC The Heir supervisor is the final battle of the game, and can be a challenging manager to take on for a very long time. The Heir comes after a segment in tunic of the hero upgrade where all your upgrades are removed, and it is feasible to go into the battle without realizing you can gain them back. Along these lines, for a walkthrough of how to beat the TUNIC The Heir chief, we take care of you.

All Attack Upgrade Locations in Tunic

It’s prescribed that prior to attempting to overcome the TUNIC The Heir chief, you search out all six Hero’s Graves to accept JP your upgrades back and enter once more into your physical structure. Because of the manner in which the world state changes subsequent to finding all of the jewels, large numbers of the ways to past regions are inaccessible, so finding the Hero’s Graves can be a challenge.

Attack Upgrade Locations 1: Overworld

attack upgrade locations

You can get your first attack upgrade in the wake of emerging from the Old House en route to Dark Tomb Xbox 360. Whenever you leave the passage, you’ll be right close to a chest at the highest point of the slope. Open it to get the tooth inside.

Attack Upgrade 2: West Garden

attack upgrade locations

The subsequent attack upgrade is seen as not long before the Garden Knight manager battle. Ascend the stepping stool by the glowing pink line in the screen capture to find it inside a chest. You’ll definitely need to help your attack harm before the impending manager battle.

Attack Upgrade 3: Frog’s Domain

attack upgrade locations

Whenever you make quick work of The Frog’s Domain, you won’t find a seal, yet you will find another tooth. It’s in a chest close to a bunch of huge brilliant entryways. You can’t miss it.

Attack Upgrade 4: The Quarry

attack upgrade locations

This is observed simply off the section span in The Quarry. Make a right True Prophecy, when you pass the second broken stone monument and actuate the scaffold. Get over and open the chest to find it inside.

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